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Full Stack vs. Android Developer: What Should You Choose in 2023?

In developing technology, the most demanded job sectors are either android development or full-stack development. Some research in the US shows that these job roles will increase to more than 853,000 from 135,000 by 2024.

If you see around you, almost everyone, including small children, has an android device. So the growth of job opportunities is increasing daily for android developers. Through this article, you will learn which option is better: full stack or android developer in 2023.

Importance of Android and Full Stack Developer

  • It helps in providing you with an online presence.
  • People can access it from anywhere and anytime.
  • These developers are growing at a faster rate than any other developer.
  • People can expand their businesses through these types of developers.
  • It will be user-friendly.

What is Full-Stack Development?

In full stack development, it has two major operations: front-end and backend development.

  • Front-end development– Front-end developers are known for working from the client side of any program. These types of developers make sure that the end product is very attractive, pleasant, and user-friendly.
  • Back-end development- Backend developers are known for working from the application’s server side of any program. This developer uses different programming languages to transfer data between the browser and the database.

What is a Full Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer does not only mean a front-end and back-end developer. They have deep knowledge of both front and backend technologies. And they even have knowledge about web architecture in depth. Full stack developers are multi-tasking people who can work in any role like the front end, back end, servers, database, and API. Full Stack Developers interact with the entire software stack.

Salary of Full Stack Developer

According to some results shared by Glassdoor, the average salary of a full-stack developer is around 10k USD. Different tools need to be used for development.

Development Tools For Full Stack Developers

Below are some front-end tools for full-stack development. Know more a piece of brief information about the important tools for full-stack developers.

1. HTML and CSS

The basic components of full-stack development are HTML and CSS. It is a backend language or framework, but for front-end development, you need this language.

2. Bootstrap

It is an open platform for Web development framework. It has several web design templates, buttons, and many more.

3. Angular.js

The framework of Google is Angular.js. Some HTML syntax and templates help you clear expressions of components of your program.

4. Javascript

Javascript is an object-oriented programming language that allows us to build interactive pages for different devices.

5. Foundation

This is a CSS framework for running reciprocal user interfaces. It has all the possible patterns for building a responsive app or website.

6. Node Js

Node Js is one of the server-side programming languages. These programming languages are generally used for traditional websites and backend API tasks.

7. Django

Many people love to work on python based servers then. Django is the best platform. Django promotes rapid implementation and practical design.

8. SQL

SQL is a language used to store and retrieve data. All that data gets stored in a relational database management system.

What is Android Development?

An android development means developing any application for the android operating system. For android development, they use an android software development kit on android studio. It is an open-source operating system made by Google, especially for mobile devices.

Who is an Android Developer?

It is more flexible than other developers because it is an open-source operating system. As a result, they create software that creates applications for mobile devices.

Salary of Android Developer

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of an android developer is around 10k USD per annum.

Use Full Tools For Android Development

Here are some tools for android development.

1. Kotlin

In 2019, Google announced Kotlin as the official android development language. Kotlin is known as the official programming language for android development. For beginners, Kotlin is the best programming language as it is easy. It can be used as an entry point for Android app development.

2. Eclipse

Eclipse is one of the most popular languages in android app development. It has a different coding environment with a collection of tools to customize app development projects. After the recent update, it can create code in C++, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, and many more languages.

3. Android Studio

Android studio is one of the best android development platforms. It is a very powerful software with updated tools and plugins for developing complicated applications.

4. Android Virtual Device

If you want to replicate android devices on your computer, then people can use android virtual devices. Furthermore, people can use this virtual device to test applications on various devices and APIs.

5. Android SDK

Android SDK is an IDE with many tools for writing, optimizing, and testing codebases for creating mobile applications. It is used to create a wide range of applications.

6. Unity 3D

Unity 3D is one of the best app development tools for developing high-quality games. It creates 2D and 3D games with predictable graphics, natural organization, fantastic format, and sketching interaction. In addition, the latest update allows us to create cross-platform games.

Similarities Between Android and Full Stack Developer

  • The demand for these job roles is higher than in other professions.
  • Android and Full Stack Developers need to learn several programming languages.
  • There might be different programming languages, but they have similar ways of learning. The working environment is the same for both developers.

Differences Between Android and Full Stack Developer

  • The learning for full stack development is easier as compared with android development. For full stack, you do not need to gather in-depth knowledge of programming languages.
  • The main focus of android developers is to develop applications for android devices, whereas full-stack developers need to know basic and advanced web applications.


Full-stack developers and android app developers are different branches from each other. It is difficult to decide which development method is best in 2023 because each has several benefits and disadvantages. For a full-stack developer, you must learn all the aspects of developing software or applications. On the other hand, android developers need to learn an appropriate language to develop an application. People can select either job role according to their interests because the demand for app developers and full-stack developers is high compared to other job profiles.

The salary of both developers is almost similar. People need to learn fewer topics for android developers, but they should be skillful in their programming languages. There are several android developers, like game developers and similar developers. Both these developers can have the ability to develop different software or websites like e-commerce businesses like Flipkart. People can choose any of the development roles for their future.

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