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10 Best Hero Forge Alternatives to Make Custom Miniatures in 2022

Collectors no longer have to wait years for their favorite characters to be made into miniature models. In 2022, you can create miniature models of all the characters you love. Designers can complete collections quickly with one design session and one purchase. In addition, it is no longer that difficult to look for custom-made miniatures.

How to create custom miniatures?

The process is relatively simple. You only need the software and the amount required to purchase the miniature. Now, several websites allow you to create custom miniatures. Using 3D printing software, companies can print out custom miniature models per your order. The miniatures are well printed, and the quality is often good.

Hero Forge is a website that allows you to design these miniatures. They have a user-friendly website that can help you customize characters. They have built-in basic designs for characters which you can customize according to your need. These character foundations are easily changeable and have various options to choose from. The website does not require any downloads; you can purchase the miniature after you have designed or customized it.

With their growing popularity, customized miniatures are in high demand. It has become a fast-growing niche in the market. So companies try to stay in the market. Many companies now have websites that offer the same services as Hero Forge with a few other features. But the primary purpose of all these websites and software is to help people design the miniatures they want to be 3D printed. Some websites or software may have limits and may not always be free. They can serve as alternatives for Hero Forge.

Best Alternatives to Hero Forge To Make Custom Miniatures

Hero Mini Maker

Hero Mini Maker functions similarly to Hero Forge. You can customize your design on your PC. They have several plans already available for printing. But if you would like to customize the details, you can. You can also change the poses and positions for the characters according to your taste. Customers can purchase the app on Steam. Once purchased, customers can install it, and it is ready to use. The software has a miniature model library with over 800 designs and more customization options. The app has a step-by-step process for creating your miniature model. Starting with the basic design, going into the details, and finally finishing with styling a pose. Once you complete the procedure, you can save it and export the design to 3D printers specializing in miniature models.

Eldritch Foundry

Eldritch Foundry has been praised by many for its excellent design and printing quality. With numerous pre-set designs and other customizable options, Eldritch Foundry also has an extensive design lab. The software functions similarly to Hero Forge. Compared to Hero Forge, Eldritch Foundry is considered to be cheaper. The software and its designs and features are free to use. Designers can create characters and then share them on social media platforms if they wish to. You can save these designs, or they can be printed. Eldritch Foundry offers 3D printing services, considered cheaper than Hero Forge. But their miniature models are still of excellent quality.

Similar to Hero Forge in their services, is new to the scene of miniature model designing. However, they have an impressive collection of figure designs. You can find male and female designs for several species and races, each with unique features and items. The unique feature is their personality set-up feature. The emotions can be clearly displayed when designers use the emotion slider. Facial expressions are important parts of the design, and can achieve it. has high-quality 3D printing, also available at more affordable prices. However, the quality is much better with the higher prices. Reasonable prices cannot always provide excellent and precise miniature model 3D prints.

Desktop Hero

Desktop Hero is an app that can help you design and create miniature models like gaming tabletops. The app is designed to be free while still offering design features to customers. They can also print your designs after you have saved them. Their models are not as pricey as several other companies. Desktop Hero is an alternative to Hero Forge, but its features are still limited. Hero Forge has several great features that are accessible by clients. However, Desktop Hero still has issues that must be fixed and limit certain features. It is a growing company, so its parts can still be changed and updated to work better.

Creature Caster

Creature Caster is perfect for people who love to collect characters. Their miniatures are well known to designers and collectors alike. They are considered an alternative to Hero Forge. But their prices are significantly higher. Creature Caster creates their miniature models using resin. This makes them a popular choice among collectors. They offer customizable designs to their clients and then print these designs. However, their prices are much higher as their designs are more elaborate.


Thingiverse as a Hero Forge alternative cannot be compared. Hero Forge is a more extensive library of designs and items. But Thingiverse has an interface that has proven to be more flexible and easy to use. Designers love Thingiverse as they can navigate its features easily.

Although pre-set designs are not that extensive, you can use the software to design and create your designs, items, accessories, etc. It is not a quick design feature available on Hero Forge and other software. It takes more time and effort. But it allows you to design everything with more detail and precision. They also offer printing services for their designs.


Gambody is a website that helps design and sells 3D miniature and accessory designs. Although considered an alternative for Hero Forge, it has the additional feature of being a market for 3D designs and files. It has an extensive library of 3D models that clients themselves have designed. The designs include creatures, their weaponry, spaceships, etc. Each of these is unique. Clients who create these 3D features can print them immediately or sell them on the site. The design files are complete, and the cost is high, but collectors will love the products.


This site is a designing and printing site for professionals. Professional designers most often use cults. Their designs are either printed or exported to other places to be sold. It is a better alternative instead of Hero Forge. It boasts a collection of over 60,000 designs. Cults also serve as a marketplace for their collection. With new designs added every day, the website has an ever-growing collection. Designers love the site as it allows them to create sophisticated designs anytime.


MyMiniFactory is an excellent alternative to Hero Forge. The website has an extensive collection of miniature models ready to be printed. They also have miniatures of characters from famous franchises. For example, they have miniature models of characters from Pokemon. They also have an extensive collection of designs and items that clients create. Designers can save their plans on the website for private viewing only. Then, they can sell the designs reasonably if they put them into public view.


PCGen is another fan favorite that serves as an alternative for Hero Forge. This site has fewer glitches than others, making it easy to work with. The interface is simple, and clients often choose it for its fast processing. It is free, but it still offers quality services for designers. It keeps out bugs, which makes the design process smooth and easy. It has several pre-set designs. You can customize these as per your needs. You can also create designs of your own that you wish to print. The design service is free. However, the printing cost is slightly expensive. But for collectors or designers, it is a good alternative.


Hero Forge may be the number one miniature design website. But several good alternatives can do what it does. Some of these websites also have additional features that make the design process exciting and smooth. The design must not be restricted to just one website or software. It would be a good experience for designers to explore different areas and design websites. Sometimes, using the same website and features can help inspire. But it can also cause repetition. And miniature models are meant to look the same. They are supposed to be unique. That is the reason most websites have a considerable amount of features and accessories.

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