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8 Types of Marketing Collateral Your Church Needs to Thrive

Every church must build and maintain a healthy congregation of regular attendees. When supported by such a congregation, churches can be important community hubs, helping to foster community events, build ties between members, and generally make the lives of everyone involved better.

But whether you’re rebuilding your church congregation or trying to start a new church from scratch, you’ll need a handful of marketing collateral materials to spread the good word. Today, let’s take a look at the marketing collateral your church needs to ensure its success.

Business Cards and Templates

First and foremost are business cards and regular templates so you can create more of them quickly and easily. But wait – do you really need business cards for your church?

Absolutely. Your church will need to do business with a variety of other organizations in your area, like nonprofits, soup kitchens, and much more, especially if you plan to do a lot of charity work. Business cards are handy networking tools you can and should use regularly.

Plus, business cards for your church can help bring new members to your organization over time. For example, you might hand a business card for your church out to a nonprofit event organizer, and they might decide to attend one of your church events later down the road if your congregation does a great job at the charity event.

Fortunately, you can use business card creator tools like PosterMyWall to make effective, high-quality business cards in no time, even without a graphic design degree!

Church Letterheads

You’ll also want to invest in a special church letterhead or a series of letterhead types for your church newsletters, documents, and other official paperwork. Letterheads help to distinguish your church organization from others in the area, as well as lend your organization a sense of authenticity.

Make no mistake, any document coming from a church with an official letterhead will seem more serious and important than a basic sheet printed out on blank white paper. Church letterheads are also great ways to showcase your dedication to maintaining your church over time.

Once again, you don’t need to be an artist in letterhead design to create great-looking letterheads for your church materials. Church letterhead templates are easily available online, and you can download them and apply them to your current documents or brochures in a matter of minutes.

Social Media Posts and Templates

Social media is the lifeblood of many social organizations these days, including church organizations. To that end, you should put together a few social media posts and post templates so you can easily and consistently spread the word online using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Social media posts and templates are beneficial because:

  • They allow you to announce upcoming church events, like charity events or special sermons
  • They help to spread the news of your organization across the web, thus allowing you to reach more potential members
  • They let you post regularly and easily without having to put together new posts from scratch every time

Posting regularly is crucial because social media platforms reward organizations that post at the same time every day or week. Plus, the more you post, the better your overall member engagement will be both online and in the real world.

Emails and Email Materials

By the same token, you should heavily consider investing in email collateral, like email templates or email materials (including digital posters, signatures, and so on). Email newsletter marketing is a big part of many church organizations these days, and for good reason.

Email marketing helps to remind members of upcoming events, improves attendance at regular sermons and meetings, and more. Plus, you can use email messages to request volunteer assistance for things, to announce church elements, and so on.

Again, all of this will be easier if you have an email template and ready-to-go email marketing materials and collateral. Then you won’t have to put together a new email from scratch each time you have a fresh message to send (which will be quite often as you get new members for your organization). Considering the importance of effective communication, mastering how to end an email professionally can leave a lasting impression on your recipients.


Infographics can be helpful tools to raise awareness for charity issues or to spread the word about your religion. You can put these up around town, in your church building, and elsewhere. They’re helpful since they are easy to parse by laypeople, but they’re also graphically engaging and much more interesting than big walls of text.

Consider creating infographics both for putting up in person and for posting online, like within social media posts.

Brochures and Catalogs

As your church grows, you may wish to expand your outreach programs and showcase membership benefits. To that end, you should create Business Flyer, brochures, and catalogs as cornerstone marketing collateral materials for your organization.

Brochures and catalogs can help display:

  • The importance and elegance of your church building.
  • The amenities and perks you offer.
  • The reasons someone might join your church or organization.
  • And more

Think of these as informative advertisements to convince people to attend your church instead of others throughout town.

Church Magazines and Newsletters

Your current members may benefit from regular newsletters or church magazines. Letterheads, magazine templates, and newsletter templates can all be effective marketing collateral materials you can and should leverage to spread the news of current events, help drive engagement amongst attendees, and more.

Church Website and Blog Posts

Lastly, don’t forget to set up your church website and blog posts with marketing collateral, such as blog post templates, infographics and posters, and more. A great-looking church website could be the best way to bring people from social media platforms to your church for a test sermon or prayer meeting. Plus, your website can serve as a portal to your social media profiles.

All in all, these marketing collateral ideas will help your church become more well-known in its local community and get new members faster than not. Try to use each of these marketing collateral ideas together for maximum results. Good luck!

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