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Best 10 Alternative Apps like MS Office

The developing world needs developing tools, functions, and futuristic applications. Though MS Office has no parallel interface or application that would stand a chance, there are certain possibilities that MS Office also may show errors and exceptions. Even a case may arise that particular needs cannot be fulfilled by the applications of Microsoft Office.

These values of certain exceptions and needs may lead to much desire for alternative apps which are the best in their own ways and fulfill the desires of the users. Alternative apps mentioned below are somewhat the most known ones after MS Office and somewhat are the best in their own case, tools, functions and stand extraordinarily perfect and useful for certain operations.

Best Alternative Apps Like Microsoft Office

Google Workspace

Best of all the pursuits of offices is Google Workspace. Formerly called Google Apps and then GSuite, this app is one of the biggest creations in the world of google developments. It consists of literally everything you need daily in life. Its facilities, functions, tools, and applications are so cool, advanced, and futuristic that it provides the user with all ease and is considered to be better than even MS Office.

Features of Google Workspace

  • It consists of daily basis possible things such as Gmail, calendar, maps, meets and chats, and contacts for different communications.
  • It provides even the source of educational infrastructure through google classroom.
  • Its 24/7 services with no low or crashed server and no ads make it the best among all.

WPS Office

WPS Office offers special features that no app before has ever thought about except for MS Office. It bases its application in such a way that it can read any type of file whether it may be ppt, excel, or document file. WPS Office also offers some special and cool features that bring about a new taste in writing or creativity.

Features of WPS Office

  • This app can edit and operate several types of files like presentation, excel, documents, word pads, templates, etc.
  • Its ready-made designable templates and fonts bring a new taste for the readers.
  • Its interface is so simple and intuitive that it doesn’t need different applications, it packs up everything in just one application.


LibreOffice, developed from the earlier StarOffice of open source, is genuinely the most usable app in its own techniques and placements. Its interface is simple as well as fast. It uses every kind of open document format file for easy access of data at any time and any place. It is a default office suite containing the Linux services contributions.

Features of Libreoffice

  • It gives the facility to the user with some old model tools which comes in handy for the old school but in an advanced method.
  • It has a record of downloading addresses and positions nearly 120 million times.
  • It provides so much open office services that it provides the facility to read any kind of file including MS Office files, and can have a good interface for Microsoft windows.

Polaris Office

Polaris Office is one of the best applications that can be used instead of Microsoft Office. It has such advantages even which are not presented in MS Office. This app makes the users way more futuristic and realistic as it provides certain new and advanced tools. Its interface is so simple and intuitive that users get to use it with no hesitation, interruption, or problem.

Features of Polaris Office

  • It provides the documents in 18 different languages which make it used worldwide on such a wide scale.
  • It supports the latest versions of software making it more demandable.
  • The application is so small to be accommodated in any phone with only applications handling different kinds of files like excel, word, presentation, documents, etc.

Free Office

Free office becomes the app to be considered in this list because its features are more just a consideration. The operations and their accessibilities are so much exclusive that it makes the application’s interface faster and simpler. This app’s motive is to make things more creative, colorful, and designable.

Features of Free Office

  • The best part of this application is that it provides such features to all types of devices, windows, iOS, and android
  • The app provides all suites for excel, spreadsheets, documents, word pads, and certain other templates for modifications.
  • The portfolios are so colorful, designable, and extravagant that the writers write whatever the users get much attracted to.


Another extravaganza of Microsoft is this application “WordPerfect”. WordPerfect is such an application that it works on the principle of MS-DOS. Word perfect as by its name works for the perfection of words and the creation depending upon which words, the files stand attractive and beautiful. WordPerfect is an application that works on the basics of MS office.

Features of WordPerfect

  • This application works as a perfectionist through different tools of page setup and coloration.
  • The templates provided act as external beauty to the words and are attractive to the readers.
  • It can read any kind of file in just one application.


The app is used instead of google suite and MS Office. It uses certain advanced tools that help us with several functionalities. The application is on such a basis that it can be used in mobiles for iOS and Android devices. It helps the users to go to a different level of creativity and writing with ease to operate interface.

Features of OfficeSuite

  • This app uses certain features to read any file of excel, PowerPoint, word of ms office or google.
  • The editing, exporting, importing, and converting to pdf or different extension files can also be done on this app.
  • Its advanced security and ease to store functionality on google drive or OneDrive make it the most demandable.

Zoho Workplace

Zoho Workplace is just like Google Workspace just with different functionalities, operations, and processes. This app provides various, discrete tools several in number which work as a big ton in editing and creating files. It works on the principle of integrated data to be used with ease by the users for a better experience.

Features of Zoho Workplace

  • It is a central hub or a suite in which several applications are provided with several purposes.
  • This suite launches several apps to read different files and to edit them with beautiful fonts, designs, texts, stickers, and page margins
  • This suite makes the user friendly and comfortable with digital writing thus making it the best of all.

Onlyoffice Docs

Onlyoffice docs is an application with several features of texting, editing, creating, and decorating embedded in it. It allows the user to make their creation much more representative in a well-mannered style.

Features of Onlyoffice Docs

  • Organization of mass mailing, making attachments, and conversion into pdf is done.
  • Project documentation, creating, editing, and co-authoring several documents of different types can be done on this app.


Calligra is a multimedia as well as text file suiting app collection. This suite provides every necessary application for creativity.

Features of Calligra

  • It can run on several platforms of Linux, macOS, Windows, and FreeBSD.
  • It runs, edits, converts files from one extension to another of different types like spreadsheets, excel, graphs, document files, etc.

So, what are you waiting for! Hurry up and grab your own suite or application and start your creation anywhere, anytime.

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