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How to Attract Top Remote Marketing Talent

If you’re looking to expand your marketing team but don’t have the budget to bring on new talent in-house, you may be considering hiring remotely. And you should – remote marketing teams are becoming more and more common, and for a good reason. They’re efficient, cost-effective, and often produce better results than traditional teams. But how do you go about attracting top remote marketing talent? We’ll give you a few tips.

Tips to Attract Top Remote Marketing Talent

1. Have a great culture and Values

It is what will attract the best-hidden marketing talent. People want to work with a company with a strong culture and values that they can relate to. They don’t just want a job – they’re looking for a career and a place where they feel like they can grow. So, if you have a great culture with positive values – you’re already on your way.

2. Have top-notch Leadership

Remote marketers want to work with the best and most forward-thinking leaders. They want to be challenged and inspired. It would help if you had a strong leader at the helm of your remote team who can help bring out the best in each member.

3. Room for Advancement and Growth

Remote marketers want to feel like they have room to grow in their positions. It is true of in-house marketers, but it’s essential for remote ones because there are fewer opportunities to stand out! Ensure that you provide your team members with growth opportunities and chances to stand out regularly.

4. Mission and Purpose

It is especially true for remote marketers. They want to understand your company’s vision and purpose and how their work fits into that greater picture. It would help if you communicated what you do, why it matters, and the goals you hope to achieve. It will help them feel more invested in your team, so they want to stick around and help you succeed.

5. Work-life balance

Remote marketers are looking for a healthy balance between work and personal life. Of course, they know that they may have to put in extra hours sometimes. Again, they can still have time to pursue their passions outside the workplace. A good leader will understand this and try their best to provide flexibility.

6. Great communication

Remote marketers want to feel like they’re part of a team, so excellent communication is essential. It should go without saying that communication is an integral part of marketing – but this is especially true for remote marketers who don’t have the opportunity to talk face-to-face with their managers or co-workers. They need to ask questions and get quick responses daily. Clearly and frequently with your remote team members.

7. Benefits

Remote marketers will appreciate some great benefits – whether it’s health insurance, free gym passes, cryptocurrency trading courses, or even just having snacks available in the kitchen. They’re looking for a good company culture with benefits that they can appreciate.


As you can see, attracting top remote marketing talent takes a little more effort than simply posting an ad on Craigslist. If you want to attract the best in the industry, you need to know that there are certain factors they’re looking for when it comes to their career and lifestyle.

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