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Best Online SEO Tools in 2022

Search engine optimization is the procedure of enhancing the quality of your site to increase its views when people hunt for products and services related to your business on google. The better visibility in Google, the more you are to garner attention. This will, in turn, bring more profit to your business.

SEO is a very important aspect of digital marketing because every year, trillions of searches are done by people about the products and services. So, your greater visibility and ranking in search results keep you ahead of your competition. These searches can be the primary source for the digital traffic of brands.

Search engine optimization is the basis of a holistic marketing system for your business. When you understand what your website users are interested in, you can implement your knowledge across the various other campaigns to drive the traffic towards your business.

There are a vast number of SEO tools available online that help you to optimize the site. At the same time, only the best SEO tools can make your website optimized in the right manner in easier and simpler ways. It also helps you manage your ranking on the search engine.

Why do you require an SEO tool?

The Internet has evolved a lot since the early times. Though the core idea of SEO remains the same, there is a lot that has changed. Understanding the algorithms of Google and working and increasing ranking isn’t an easy task anymore. A business needs to know of attaching perfect tags for the targeting keywords to attract sales on its page.

It’s not easy for the business to understand and capture the targeted traffic on the Internet. This is where the need for SEO tools arises. We have listed the best SEO tools that will help you to optimize your web pages as they are required to benefit you in the long run.

Best SEO Tools and Softwares to use for SEO Strategies


SEMrush SEO toolkit is the set of advanced SEO tools that offers comprehensive SEO tools. It allows you to view the detailed keyword analysis report to know which targeting keywords have been used. It also allows you to see the summary of the domains you manage.

More crucially, the SEMrush SEO tool allows you to compare the performance of your pages, how they performed earlier and how they perform now. You can also compare it with how your competitors are performing. You can analyze the ranks of both.

Traffic analysts, such as the backlinks of your competitor’s website, will help you understand their traffic source. You can see any top referring site they are using. Traffic source composition will allow you to compare various digital marketing channels of rivals at the same time. 

This tool also allows you to view the bounce rates. This means the percentage of visitors who visited your site and then left without accessing it. You can also know your competitor’s SEO strategies. You can detect specific target keywords that your competitors have used.

SEMrush has received many positive mentions online. Subscription of the SEMrush costs $119.5 per month. This will include all the tools. You won’t have to purchase any tools separately.

Why should you buy Semrush SEO Tools ?

  • It provides the best analysis of metrics.
  • Comprehensive toolkit.
  • Informative dashboard.

The recent addition of tools

Traffic boosting tools.

White globe services for PR agencies.

A writer marketplace.

2) Ahrefs

It is the complete package of SEO tools at a good price and a great web index. It was released in 2011, and since then, it has been the most popular SEO tool in the market. It has been used by many popular content creators and web developers worldwide to boost their online presence.

Ahrefs claims the largest backlink index of all the SEO tools. Ahrefs is so popular because it allows the most powerful tools you need to explore and grow your online presence. The central dashboard of the tool gives you an idea about your complete projects, backlinks, ranking, and traffic on your site.

The upgraded keyword explorer, various tools for monitoring the online presence of your competitors, user documentation all featured of the Ahrefs.

The SEO tool lets you boost your online ranking within very little time. From the main landing page, you can easily access each of the five foundation elements: site explorer, keyword explorer, site audit, rank tracker, and content explorer. You can use these amazing tools to boost your ranking.

The price of the standard and the advanced Ahrefs is $177 and $399, respectively.

Why should you buy Ahrefs?

  • Huge backlink index.
  • Advanced filtering tools.
  • Extensive documentation.
  • Tutorials and knowledge support.

3) Moz Pro

The SEO tool Moz pro is a community-supported SEO tool. It aims at helping the users improve their ranking and visibility on the Internet. The best tools of the Moz pro include auditing your sites. It will recommend the addition on your sites and point out the issues in your sites.

Another best tool of the Moz pro allows you to track your site rankings over hundreds and hundreds of keywords over your website. It will suggest to you which keyword combination will be the best for targeting. Another backlink analysis tool that will let you analyze metrics of anchor text in links as well as in the authority domains.

There’s a huge community of the Moz pro to assist you in handling all these tools. There is a wide range of free tools, and the large community of Moz guides you through it.

If you wish to purchase The Moz pro version, it will cost you $99 per month for the basic tools. There is another medium plan that offers some additional features and tools for $179 per month. If you want to indulge in the long-term plan, you can go for annual MOZ pro purchasing. You can avail of a 20% discount on the annual tool purchase ng. There are some more additional tools for data analysts, local listings.

Why should you buy Moz Pro?

  • Supportive community.
  • Wide range of tools.
  • Huge amount of data.

4) Majestic SEO tool

The majestic SEO tool is the royal all the back in tinkerers. It is one of the oldest SEO tools available in the market. Though it is the oldest, it had still received praises from SEO veterans after the infection in 2011.

The main motive of the tool is to focus on the backlinks. It provides huge data of the backlinks. These backlinks that represent the link between two websites substantially impact the Search engine optimization performances.

The most beneficial tool is Majesticmillion that shows the ranking of the top 1 million websites. The other historical index views the history of the backlinks, and it has a high retrieval speed. And the fresh index shows the recent updates.

The toolset for a bulk backlink checker, a record of referring domains, etc., makes it a unique tool. It also has the majestic explorer, designed to give you a record of your internet store. You can purchase the tools for $50 per month.

Why should you buy Majestic SEO tool ?

  • Excellent level analysis.
  • Multiple features.
  • Huge amount of data.

5) SpyFu

The SpyFu Is a value-sized tool for all the different sizes of businesses. It is the search analyst company that scares the Internet for the data. This technique is used to identify the keywords that your competitors purchase through Google Adwords.

SpyFu has an amazing feature of matching the search results with the search words. This lets you have more insight into the types of searches over the Internet and strings of words that appear on the SERP ( search engine results page ) of Google.

SpyFu allows you to be ahead of the competitor by spying on their terms for online ads. SpyFu offers three different plans. The basic plan costs $33. It includes 250 domain contacts and sales leads and about 5000 keyword rankings.

You can get other PPC and SEO tools in the other plans of the SpyFu. It has all the tools and well-designed applications that businesses require.

Why should you buy Spyfu?

  • Easy to use
  • A comprehensive set of features
  • Less price

Other Free SEO tools

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Ads keyword Planner
  • Google Optimize
  • SEO quake

These are free tools available online, but they don’t generally provide approximate results and are not a perfect choice for beginners. You can try using these tools as well as purchase advanced SEO tools for more authentic results.

Final Words

So, these are some of the best online SEO tools that you could purchase to most your ranking on the Google search. Read the description and features of the tools very well before purchasing the tools for yourself. All the tools have their specifications. Find the one best suited for you. The right SEO tools can be game-changing for your business marketing. Choose the most promising SEO tool for yourself and get the best out of it.

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