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Best-selling author, Influencer, Leadership Coach, and Mom Cindy Monroe Is an Inspiration to Women

Do you ever feel the need for a role model–someone who has achieved success and can guide you along your journey? Accomplished women benefit from having inspiring figures to look up to. Having a role model can unlock your full potential and help you realize your dreams.

Enter Cindy Monroe – an entrepreneur, author, and leadership mentor, who has become an inspiration for women worldwide, proving that with determination and hard work, anyone can achieve their goals and live their best life.

Cindy’s entrepreneurial journey began in an unexpected place–the basement of her home. With the help of a few friends, her small venture soon blossomed into Thirty-One Gifts, an independent sales company.

Under Cindy’s leadership as CEO, the company achieved remarkable success, generating nearly $800 million in its first 10 years. The company continues to be a leader, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

Despite her success, Cindy never forgot the challenges she faced in the early days of her entrepreneurial journey.

Battling imposter syndrome and finding a balance between a rapidly growing business and her roles as a wife and mother, Cindy realized that many women encountered similar struggles. Given her experience, she knew all such women needed support and advice.

In addition to her work as Thirty-One’s CEO, she gives back as a mentor for female entrepreneurs and executive leaders. Her podcast, “Permission to Lead with Cindy Monroe,” serves as a valuable resource, helping women flourish in both their personal and professional lives.

In her recent book, More Than a Bag: Celebrating the First 20 Years of the Thirty-One Story, Cindy also uplifts other women in business by sharing an honest portrayal of her story.

She candidly shares the highs AND lows of her journey, which readers appreciate. In the words of an enthusiastic book fan, the memoir is the “Most relatable book I’ve read. Cindy Monroe is inspirational because she is sharing her story.”

Cindy wrote this book with the sole aim of inspiring women with a raw and unapologetic celebration of her journey.

She wants to reassure other women that anything is possible if they can permit themselves to dream, fail, and lead.

For more on how you can flourish at work and home, read Cindy’s groundbreaking book or follow her podcast.

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