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10 Best British Made Furniture Brands in The UK

Our furniture is what makes a house a home, and there are many reasons to choose British-made furniture. So, whether you are searching for a statement piece or something to complement your existing decor, use this list of handmade furniture. This list of manufacturing in the UK-made furniture businesses will have something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Top-Rated British Furniture Brands in the UK

Beds Direct Batley

Beds Direct Batley is a long-standing, family-owned producer and direct retailer of a wide range of beds and related accessories. Their long-serving employees have a wealth of experience in producing and distributing mattresses. Their mattresses and divan bases are all handcrafted in their Batley, West Yorkshire workshop. Each bed is custom-made to order, taking into account which will be sleeping on it and how frequently, as well as your comfort preferences and the best spring or filling combinations. Their divan bases are all handcrafted and upholstered with a wide range of fabrics, and they are of excellent quality.

British Beds District

In their family-run business in West Bromwich, British Beds District has been designing and producing the beds, divans, headboards, and mattresses of your wildest desires since 2005. They sell lovely, high-quality beds created in the United Kingdom. Choose from one of their handcrafted beds or create your own – with simple ordering and stress-free delivery.

Hyde and Hare

Hyde and Hare’s luxurious cowhide rugs will add a touch of class to your hard floors. Each cowhide is hand-selected for its rich tones, which lend a finishing touch to any environment. They only carry premium cowhides in their collection and never skimp on materials or quality to ensure that each cowhide’s natural tones and colors are visible.

Katie Walker Furniture

Katie Walker opened her design firm in 1994 to create her one-of-a-kind furniture creations. These are exquisitely made, the result of close collaboration with experienced artisans and specialized workshops around the United Kingdom, and they frequently push the boundaries of what are fundamentally traditional procedures. She is guided not by fashion or current trends but by the desire to create a refined, aesthetically basic, balanced design with a form that has evolved in tandem with its structure. Her body of work consists of a diverse range of scale and material compositions. The designs have received numerous accolades over the last two decades. Also, the work can be found in public and private collections all around the world.

Natural Bed Company

The Natural Bed Company sells handcrafted solid timber beds, bedroom furniture, bedding, and mattresses created in the United Kingdom, and a variety of gifts and accessories. Their beds are built to last and are handcrafted in Sheffield. They believe in preserving the handmade history and satisfaction of crafting a piece of furniture from start to finish by continuing to utilize local abilities. Their workshops are a few miles away from their showroom. Their production style and natural differences in wood grain and color ensure that each bed is lovely and distinctive. Some of their bed designs can be customized to fit your exact needs.

Pendenza Beds

Pendenza Beds is the only dedicated online retailer of inclined bed goods in the United Kingdom to provide customers with an inclination for a comfortable sleep. They cater to the growing number of people who believe that resting on a gently inclined sleeping surface allows them to enjoy a better night. Also, the Pendenza Beds make prone wooden bed frames out of repurposed wood according to the needs of the customer. This company also offers stylish, high-quality inclined bed items created in the UK, with their collaboration with British manufacturers.

Perkins and Morley

Perkins and Morley develop and manufacture wildlife and nature-inspired handcrafted cards, gifts, and homewares in the United Kingdom, including deckchairs and outdoor stools created from their textiles. The deckchair structure is made of oiled Merpauh wood. The sling is made of hard-wearing polyester fabric, which ensures a long-lasting print and good weather resistance.  One can easily fold flat and store this attractive deckchair when not in use. This would make it ideal for being prevalent in the garden.

Revival Beds

Since 1983, Revival Beds’ Nottinghamshire workshops have been handcrafting firm hardwood beds and bedroom furnishings. Their expert artisans believe in employing time-tested processes and the highest quality sustainable wood to create a mattress that will last a lifetime. Sleigh beds and four-poster beds are among the over 20-bed types in the collection, which are available in up to 8ft widths and 15 natural wood and hand-painted finishes, including European oak. One can add Under-bed drawers for up to 16 feet of additional storage.

S.W James & Co

S.W. James & Co incorporates all of the characteristics making the traditional Chesterfield so popular and S.W. James personality. Also, they have produced a chunkier, deeper Chesterfield that is excellent for unwinding after a hard day. With their super sprung base and luscious feather-wrapped foam cushions, a more relaxed and comfy Chesterfield is ideal for reclining on lazy days. Moreover, they have also created a thinner Chesterfield for those with a smaller home or flat. Some of the most luxurious and comfy Chesterfields may be purchased at S.W. James. They pour their hearts and souls into handcrafting Chesterfields and vintage leather couches that people will cherish for a lifetime. They want to make furniture that will last a long time and will be loved by everyone.

The Rocking Sheep Company

The Rocking Sheep Company creates its rocking sheep in a single dedicated workshop on the picturesque North Wales coast. Each one is handcrafted to order. They exclusively use managed-grown wood from sustainable sources. They value our children’s environment and want their heirloom-grade toys to continue to be heirlooms in the future. Their bow rockers have a unique rubber tire that provides a smooth, enjoyable rocking motion on floors. The woolen fleece can be removed for machine or hand washing if necessary. These bespoke furniture makers really help you make the best use of your room space.

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