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Top Ten Business Women In The United Kingdom

This is the 21st century, and all the traditional things have changed, even the way of doing business is also affected. Women are leading all the fields today, whatever it is sports, politics, business, medical, science, and research. It is found the number of female business person is increasing rapidly. According to facts, around 4000 companies in the UK are run by female entrepreneurs. They are ruling each and every sector of business. In this article, we are going to list the top ten business women of the UK who have changed the way of doing business and proved themselves in this field too.

Ten Powerful Women in Business in The United Kingdom

  • Monica Eaton-Cardone
  • Eccie Newton     
  • Karren Brady
  • Mimi Bakari Marwa
  • Rajni Ghir
  • Monja Meyer
  • Valeri Stark
  • Pam Bateson
  • Emma Kane
  • Jacqueline Gold

Monica Eaton-Cardone

Monica is a versatile personality who has proved herself in different fields. She is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, thought leader, etc. She started her journey at the age of 19 and she is known for her dedication to her passion and work. She is famous for providing innovative ideas to solve the problems of retail marketing. Monica has found lots of businesses to date, and today she is Co-founder of Chargeback Company. She is a master in threat matric analysis, e-commerce retention, and risk relativity. She has won numerous awards during her bright career. In the list of her awards, the following are the ones – International star in IT awards, Technology Innovation Star Award, Best industry Solution, etc.

Eccie Newton

She is the Co-founder of Karma Kitchen and also CEO of that company. She is the sister of Gini Newton who is the Co-founder and head of sales in that company. She is one of the younger women who are leading this field. She started her career with her sister as a lunch-providing organization that delivers tasty and sumptuous meals to offices. She said that they were planning to build homes for 5000 food businesses in a period of six years across the UK.

Karren Brady

Karren is one of the most iconic profiles of women entrepreneurs who have influenced many women to come forward and choose their own career stream. She has also attained the title of one of the best entrepreneurs among the top 50 inspirational women in the world. Karren is also known for her works to promote and motivate women for doing business. She is the CEO of a leading premier league of football named West Ham United Football Club.  Karren is giving her services as a consultant for Syco Entertainment. In 2013, she was selected as Government’s Business Ambassador. She has written her autobiography “Strongwoman” which was the best-selling book.

Mimi Bakari Marwa

She is also a versatile personality that has worked for many organizations and for many posts. She started her career in a PR and marketing firm and after some time she switched her interest and opted for organic plant ingredients. After it, she established Happy Devas to provide those beauty products. After it, she moved to the property industry with a new agency named “Franok Property and she is working on this project at present time. She consults her clients for getting better returns from their investment in this field.

Rajni Ghir

She was once a corporate consultant who is now serving as a life coach. She is now a transformational life coach, and timeline therapy practitioner. After suffering from depression, she initiated a coaching center named Shape Coaching where she helps people to live their life happily and to complete their dreams. For her incredible performance in this field, she was featured in The Guardian in December 2020. She used to say that if someone has the potential to do something and is not able to do that, and if you are living your life as you want and you want to live like that then you can contact us, and we will surely help you.

Monja Meyer

Monja, once she was working for others as a daily routine job. Where she felt that she was not enjoying the work she was doing. Then she turned to entrepreneurship and lead her own way instead of following others. She also thinks that there are more women in entrepreneurship so that they can come forward and they should not play second fiddle. Now-a-day, she is inspiring people and promoting women to follow their dreams. She is a business coach and CEO at Brave Boss LTD. 

Valeri Stark

Valeri Stark is an entrepreneur who has started her career as a secretary for a technology company. Today, she is Co-founder and CEO of Huggle a dating application where people meet and date each other. She is a Yoga and inspiring teacher who guides people to live their lives happily. She is a board member at bumble too. In the year 2018, she was ranked among the top 30 women in entrepreneurship. She also does a blog about gardening and works as a consultant for Badoo too.

Pam Bateson

Pam is co-founder and CEO at Thrive Partner. Thrive is a platform that provides services related to learning. On this platform, around 200 mentors and teachers render their services. They work for 24 hours and 7 days of the week. This platform has changed the way of learning and teaching way. She is also working for the British Psychological Society. She has expertise in leadership and Culture Change. She has been selected as the Mayor of London’s international business program. In 2018, she was featured in Time Magazine.

Emma Kane

She is the founder of Redleaf communications, now-a-day it is known as Newgate communications where 600 employees are working from their homes. She started her in-house work as head of marketing and communications at ProShare. She is famous for her time management and active role. Emma was awarded The Freedom of London in 2017. She has also an interest in her passion for art and sculptor. In 2019, when there was uncertainty over Brexit Timing, she performed significantly and improved the conditions.

Jacqueline Gold

Gold is the Chief Executive at Ann Summers Knicker Box. She runs an entrepreneur that is for women and is run by women. She started a business that was for women where they can purchase privately. She provided a female-friendly environment for women. She is devoted to women’s satisfaction and their needs. She is named as Most Powerful Woman in business by retail Week. Barclay’s bank has entitled her as an inspirational businesswoman in the UK. In 2012, she was also awarded as an inspirational celebrity in the inspirational women awards.

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