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Things to do in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom consists of four different countries. The countries are Northern Ireland, England, Wales, and Scotland. In all these countries you will be able to explore different ancient languages, dialects, traditions, myths, unique communities, and legends galore. Rugged rock formations, surfer heavens, deep glassy rocks, and surfer havens all these things are there to be explored.

An adventurous excursion to the rural areas where you will find lush greenery, peaceful silence, ancient woodland, and the night sky so clear that you can see the stars. You can also go on trips to the coolest cities to ever exist in the world. You can go to Belfast from Manchester after passing Oxford. You will be able to explore modern architecture, amazing pubs, restaurants, bars, and historic landmarks.

20 Best Things to do in the United Kingdom

Laugh until your stomach hurts at the Edinburgh Fringe

You went on a vacation trip to the United Kingdom in August. Well, you are at the right place. This month the capital city of Scotland is in the mood for a festival. This is the month of shows of performers and comedians from all around the world come to the city and perform. Plays and theatres are also performed this month. A mixture of big superstars and first-timers will make your experience unique. Unusual experimental comedy, snappy one-liners, old favorites, and new material, Edinburgh provides you everything. This is the largest arts festival in the whole world. 

Change your mood magically at the Cornish coast

Something unique and peaceful is there in the misty cliff tops and atmospheric moors of Cornwall. This place is the site of various legends and myths. Everyone is bound to fall for Cornwall because of the magical charm that visitors experience after a visit to Tintagel. The ruins of the castle on the stretch of the coastline look sensational. This is a romantic site that is linked to the story of King Arthur. During low tide, Merlin’s Cave is visible to the visitors.

Visit the excellent National parks waiting for you

The United Kingdom might seem small but the countryside views it has are quite mighty and diverse, from beautiful green hills to high mountain peaks it has all. Take a tour of the 15 national parks in the UK to experience the diverse landscapes there.

England consists of ten national parks. They are:

  • Exmoor
  • Dartmoor
  • Northumberland
  • The Peak District
  • The North York Moors
  • The Lake District
  • The Broads
  • The Yorkshire Dales
  • The South Downs
  • The New Forest

Scotland consists of two national parks. They are:

  • Loch Lomond & The Trossachs
  • Cairngorms

Wales consists of three national parks. They are:

  • The Brecon Beacons
  • Snowdonia
  • Pembrokeshire coast

These are the fifteen national parks you should visit to explore the diverse landscape beauty of the UK.

Be a conspiracy theorist at Stonehenge

Salisbury Plains attracts so many tourists because of the famous historic stone circle. Millions of visitors visit this place but still, its popularity is not detracted. Conspiracy theories like the Stonehenge might be a burial ground or a celestial calendar or a site of sacrifices are so popular that everyone is attracted towards this place due to the mysterious truth that this place might have had.

Be a historian and hunt for fossils on the Jurassic coast

The Jurassic Coast is a 95 mile stretch on the southern shoreline of England. The rocks found around this coast are recorded to be about 185 million years old. This fact attracts tourists and many people go with the curiosity of finding some unique things there.

Looking at the extremely cute seals in Norfolk’s Blakeney Point

Blakeney’s point that lies on the coastline of North Norfolk is famous because of its sea birds and seal population. This is the home to a vast number of grey seals.

Go for Raving in Manchester

Manchester is the powerhouse of the UK. In autumn a clubbing series is organized in the city. It features big superstars. So, if you want energetic autumn to go full Madchester.

Seek out myth and legends in the Scottish Highlands

Scottish highlands are very unique. Nothing is quite like these in the world. It attracts tourists because of its beauty and many myths and story of legends surrounding it.

Climbing the highest peak of United Kingdom

The highest peak in the UK is Ben Nevis which is believed to be 1345 meters higher than sea level. This is a good place for tourists and if someone loves height then they can also try their hands in the National Three peaks challenge.

Vibing on Tyneside

Newcastle has world-class culture, legendary architecture, and incredible restaurants. The Gateshead and Newcastle quayside has a lot of beautiful and incredible things to offer except the amazing views you will admire after going there.

Finding some unique monster at Loch Ness

The famous monster named Nessie is said to be dwelling in the deep ends of Loch Ness but it might be a hoax because no one has spotted it till now. This story attracts tourists because of the curious minds of people apart from that the place is incredibly beautiful.

Explore the shooting locations of “Game of Thrones” in Northern Ireland

We all know how iconic the show “Game of Thrones” is. The fans of the show should surely visit Northern Ireland to explore the filming locations of the show. It will be an amazing experience for them.

Experience the amazing scene of the rainbow at Portree on the isle of Skye

Thanks to UK’s regular rainfall because it makes it a little gloomy and grey. Portree is on the isle of Skye in Scotland. It is a really beautiful and peaceful place.

Go to a theatre and watch a Shakespeare play live in his hometown

Pay five pounds and watch plays in Elizabethan style at Shakespeare’s Globe in London. It is an amazing experience and also a part of England’s heritage.

Taste the curry of Birmingham’s Balti Triangle

Pakistani Community in the 1970s invented Balti at Birmingham. This curry is up there with the Peaky Blinders, Industrial Revolution and Dairy Milk.

Experience the beautiful scenery of London from above

Parliament Hill in London gives a great view of London. If you go to the UK you should at least once go to Parliament Hill it will give a great view.

Visit the childhood homes of The Beatles’

Liverpool is the hometown of the legendary band  “ The Beatles”. Take a ticket and roam around to see the homes of the band members. It will be an extremely good experience.

Discover the ‘unsinkable ocean liner

The largest ship afloat was named the “unsinkable” ocean liner. This ship has a model which is a showpiece minutely describing the features of the ship. You should visit this to know more about the heritage.

Explore the museums in London

There are many museums in London which have historical elements from all over the world. These are great to visit to know about the heritage of the whole world.

Taste butterbeer at Hogwarts

The UK is known as the home of Harry Potter. There are many filming locations of the movies there and places where JK Rowling wrote the books.


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