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Best 11 Things to Do in Scotland

Scotland is one of the 4 nations that make up the UK. Scotland is the northernmost country of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Scotland is famous for its beautiful natural sights and rich music and art culture. This drags many tourists to the place.

Scotland’s food and beverages always stay in Discussion. If you are planning for a trip to Scotland or if your Europe trip includes some days in Scotland, then here are 11 things you can do on your days here.

Things to do in Scotland

Trip to Edinburgh

Edinburgh has been Scotland’s capital city for a very long period. Since 15 the 15th century, it has been known as one of the most famous places in Scotland. Edinburgh has plenty of beautiful shops and attractive streets. The food at the local cafeterias and eateries is excellent. You can roam around the city and experience everything about Scotland, from art to culture and food to music; Edinburgh gives you the perfect knowledge of Scotland. If you want to experience the rich history of Scotland, you can visit the National Museum of Scotland.

Scottish food

Scotland is famous for many different types of foods. Scottish food may seem weird, but the popularity never fades off. Haggis is the best-known Scottish dish all over the world. Haggis is made of finely chopped liver, heart, and lungs of a sheep cooked with oatmeal, suet, herbs, and spices by packing them all in the sheep intestine.

Scotland is also famous for fresh fish and lobsters. If you are not a fan of meat or fish, you can always try something veggie. Tatties are Scottish dishes made of potato scones served with mushrooms, baked beans, and tomatoes. You can also try it with butter or jam.

Whether you have been to Scotland before or not, it is in no way possible you have never heard of Scottish shortbreads. Scottish shortbreads are short of cookies made with butter. Just dip it in a Scottish tea and enjoy.

Scottish whiskey

Scotland’s whiskey, better known as scotch, has a large fan base worldwide. If you are visiting Scotland, don’t forget to visit a bar and take a sip of any scotch you prefer. Whiskeys are malted barley, wheat and Rey kept in oak barrels for 3 years before selling. Scottish whiskeys come in various flavors, so no matter what type you prefer, there’s one for you.  

Enjoying Music and Dance

When you hear about Scottish music, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous bagpipes. Bagpipes are engaged with the roots of Scottish music culture. The sound of a bagpipe is unique and pleasant in its way. Visiting Scotland can’t be concluded without including an experience with this fantastic instrument.

 Bagpipes must be the most famous thing in Scotland related to music, but bagpipes are not the only contribution towards music by Scottish people. The best way to experience Scottish music is to visit a pub; you can have a unique live music experience here.

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

The best way to know Scotland’s art and musical culture is to attend the most iconic performance, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. This performance is organized every summer in August in Edinburgh Castle. The musicians of the armed forces perform the military tattoos. Include going there to enjoy the lone piper performance.


In the Scottish language, lakes are called lochs, and Scotland is a country full of lakes. There are an estimated 30,000 lakes in Scotland. So visiting Scotland would be incomplete without visiting a lake.

 There are a lot of lochs to choose from, but if you want to pick a specific one, you can go for loch Lomond, it is the largest among them all. It is associated with Trossachs national park with many kinds of flora and fauna. Also, Loch Ness is widely famous for the mythical sea monster Nessie.


Scottish Highlands in the northern part of Scotland. Spread over 26,000 square kilometers, the Scottish highlands are the most peaceful places you will ever visit. The Scottish mountain range is filled with various freshwater rivers and high mountain tops.


Scotland has given us one of the famous sports believed to be rich people’s favorite: Golf when it comes to sports. Several golf clubs around Scotland, but one of the oldest yet best golf clubs in the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, located in St. Andrews. Many people only dream of playing here. This oldest club was founded in the 1750s, and it also organized the British open for 160 years.

Exploring Glasgow

Glasgow is the second-largest city in Scotland, situated on the River Clyde and near Edinburgh’s capital city. Exploring Glasgow is very easy due to the availability of underground subways. There are many things to see in Glasgow, like the Kelvingrove Art gallery and museum and the women-only library.

Scottish castle

Scotland is home to many mesmerizing castles. Scottish castles are eyewitnesses of the rich history. These beautiful castles attract many tourists throughout the world. This 246 steps tall tower holds a lot of historical value. Many movies are shot here due to its magnificent architecture. Stirling Castle is one of the best castles among them all.

It also played a vital role in the history of Scotland and its independence. It is the home of Mary Queen of Scots. It is situated between two major cities, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Other castles with scenic views like Armadale Castle, Urquhart Castle, and Dunvegan Castle.


Kilts made of tartan is considered a symbol of Scotland. Kilts are worn around the waist, and it has some beautiful color patterns. This heavy wool clothing often accompanies a kilt pin and sporran to make a distinctive Scottish look. If you visit Scotland at least once, put on something like this.


The history and culture a country like Scotland possesses are unique and extraordinary. Everything in Scotland has a different and mesmerizing feeling hidden from the streets to the mountains, from the food to the art. Visit the country and fall in love.

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