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Dr. Rachel Jones on What Makes Hormone Imbalance Difficult to Diagnose in Mental Health Patients

Even in today’s day and age of progress, it has been very difficult for Doctors and Psychiatrists to pinpoint the reason behind mental illnesses and provide treatment to eradicate them from a patient’s life. Many healthcare providers have a hard time diagnosing people with mental illnesses in correlation with hormonal problems. Most GPs cannot diagnose them accurately because of the lack of information and sources available in the world. To change that, Dr. Rachel Jones has established The Hormone Clinic, where patients can come to create balance in their lives.

What separates Dr. Jones from all the other Doctors, Psychiatrists, and healthcare providers is that she is an MBBS doctor and a trained professional Psychiatrist. This unique combination of qualifications puts her in the best place to help her patients with mental and physical illnesses simultaneously. She discovered early in her 20-year career as a healthcare provider that most people with mental problems had underlying hormonal imbalances sometimes overlooked by GPs and Psychiatrists.

According to Dr. Jones, mental problems can be the result of hormonal imbalances in men and women. Although the symptoms may vary,  The Hormone Clinic treats women with conditions that include perimenopause, menopause, premenstrual syndrome, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, postnatal depression, depressive disorder, and hormonal acne. For men, it treats testosterone deficiency and male menopause, also known as andropause. All these conditions can severely affect the patient’s mental health and deprive them of a balanced and healthy life.

Traditional treatments have been used by doctors all over the world for decades. but none of them address the mental health aspects of the illnesses. Body-identical hormones are mass-produced by big pharmaceutical companies, and most doctors prescribe them for hormonal treatments. On the other hand, Dr. Jones works with the patient to devise a holistic approach toward the perfect mental and physical balance in life. She uses Bioidentical hormones derived from plants to help create a client-specific treatment plan for her patients.

Furthermore, worried about the rising suicide rates among mentally ill patients, especially women going through menopause, Dr. Jones is adamant about spreading correct information and helping people beyond the United Kingdom. Because traditional doctors are not trained to look for hormone imbalances in patients with mental illnesses, many patients don’t get the proper hormonal treatment that they desperately need. Dr. Jones is here to help at The Hormone Clinic to remedy this situation.

If you feel like you are facing any of the aforementioned mental or hormonal problems, click here to book an appointment.

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