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Top 10 Businessmen in the United Kingdom

2021 has been a good year for most of the UK’s ultra-rich. In the times of the pandemic, there have been many fresh businessmen in the UK. It has been a fantastic year besides the pandemic. The cryptocurrencies, stock market prices touching skies, and many public offerings. This has benefited many prominent business people in the UK. The data collected by the forces indicated that the UK businessmen have become $ 61 richer than they were a year ago.

The United Kingdom has almost 56 billionaires, and it trails in wealth over countries like France and Germany. Some billionaire businessmen were struck due to the pandemic, while some of the new emerging billionaires were also. And in the list of top business people in the UK, some new names have come up for the first time. So without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the article to know about these businessmen.

1)James Ratcliffe

Net worth – $17 B ( $2 B up)

The main source of wealth – Chemicals

James Radcliffe is a chemical engineer that has turned to be an industrialist and financier. He is the founder, principal owner, and chairman of the chemical powerhouse Ineos group. Ineos Group is a London-based company that operates in more than 23 countries. The company produces about 60 billion tons of chemicals every year, generating $61 billion. He is expected to grow in the production of cars.

2) Hinduja Brothers

Net worth – $ 14.9 B ( $2 billion up)

The main source of wealth – Diversified

Hinduja brothers include four siblings, Srichand, Gopichand, Ashok, and Prakash. These four brothers business in trucks, lubricants, cable television, and banking. Their father, Premanand Deepchand Hinduja, started the empire. Hinduja Brothers are well known for owning real estate In London, including the Old War office building in Whitehall. They have ownership of the geneva bank.

3) Michael Platt

Net worth – $ 13 B ( $ 5 billion up)

The main source of wealth – Hedge Funds

Michael Platt, a former staffer at JP Morgan, is now the co-founder and CEO of Bluecrest Capital Management. He built BlueCrest so enormous that now it is the world’s largest hedge firm. He is known as the second highest-earning hedge fund manager in the year 2019. In the year 2020, he had almost 95 % net return.

4) James Dyson

Net worth – $ 9.7 B ( $ 3.8 billion up)

The main source of wealth – Electronics

James Dyson Owns a company of electronics developing vacuums. He invented the Bagless vacuum cleaner back in 1978. He has become one of the top businessmen in the UK. He employs over 5800 engineers around the world. Dyson expanded his business in categories like hair straighteners, air purifiers, hairdryers, etc., and this has proven to be successful for him, and his revenue increased to up to 20%.

5) Ian and Richard Livingstone

Net worth – $ 9.3 Billion ( $ 2.9 billion up)

The main source of wealth – Real Estate

British brothers Ian and Richard are the former optometrist and chartered surveyors. They are well known for owning properties across London. They own expensive hotels, apartments as well as high-end shops. In the pandemic period, they moved towards the US and now buy many properties there. They now own about 45 Holiday Inn Express hotels in Europe. Their recent projects include Panama Pacifico, a master-planned city.

6) Anthony Bamford and Family

Net worth – $ 7.9 Billion ( $ 2.7billion up)

The primary source of wealth – Construction equipment

Anthony Branford is the owner of the JCB and the British billionaire businessman. JCB, a construction equipment maker company, was started by the father of Anthony Branford in 1945 in Uttoxeter, England. Now JCB is the seller of construction equipment in over 150 countries, and this yellow digger brand also celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2020.

7) David Rueben

Net worth – $ 7.7 Billion ( $ 900 million up)

The main source of wealth – Real Estate

David and Simon are Mumbai-born brothers and were brought up in the UK. In the start, David was in a scrap metal business while Simon was in the carpet business. In 1990 the brothers invested in Russian metal markets. They have become the world’s third-biggest producer of aluminum. But now, their primary source of income is real estate in the UK. In 2021, they spent big money on Venice Baglioni’s hotel, Luna, in London.

8) Simon Rueben

Net worth – $ 7.7 Billion ( $ 900 million up)

The main source of wealth – Real Estate

He is the brother of David Rueben and shares real estate technology and investments with his brother. They own a firm, Transworld, from where they invested in Metals and actively traded aluminum.

 In 2016 they sold their data center business to Global switch for nearly $3 billion and currently are the investors and business in real estate.

9)Denise Coates

Net worth – $ 6.5 Billion ( $ 2 billion up)

the main source of wealth – Online gambling

Denise is the CO-CEO of the Bet-365 gambling platform along with his brother. It is one of the world’s largest known gambling platforms. In the year 2001, she launched the website bet-365. They had a prior family gambling business, and she took it to another level by creating a website for gambling. In the year 2020, she was the highest-paid British CEO with $700 million.

10) Christopher Hohn

Net worth – $ 5.6 Billion ( $ 900 million up)

The main source of wealth – Hedge fund

Christopher Hohn is an activist investor, and he founded a hedge fund for children’s investment in 2003. He is the son of Jamaican car mechanic John, and he briefly worked in private equity before joining Richard Perry’s hedge fund. He first opened Perry’s first UK office and then started the children’s investment fund. He used his power to force many companies to disclose their carbon emissions.

Above listed are the top 10 businessmen of the UK. They have had a good year and managed to increase their revenue despite the bad times.

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