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What are email marketing software and types of marketing emails?

Companies are constantly trying out new ways to market. Email marketing has become a popular and influential way to reach your customers. It’s crucial to send the correct type of emails to your customers.

Numerous email marketing tools are available online to help you send personalized and mass emails. Read this article to understand what email marketing software and the popular types of marketing emails are.

What is email marketing software?

Email marketing software allows users to send, create and track emails to a list of significant customers or subscribers. This software is beneficial in creating perfectly designed emails and also lets you observe some crucial metrics like click-through rates and open rates.

Some advanced platforms also enable you to automate email sending depending on the user’s behavior, which enhances the possibility of engagement as the emails are more personal. Email marketing is a highly effective online marketing tool used by numerous companies. It is an old and trusted technique that has shown consistent results.

Benefits of Marketing emails

Marketing Emails can be a great way to reach out to potential and existing customers. They provide an opportunity to deliver tailored messages straight to people’s inboxes, and they can be highly effective when it comes to promoting new products or special offers. Best of all, they’re relatively inexpensive to send, making them a cost-effective way to reach a large audience. When used effectively, marketing emails can be a powerful tool for growing your business.

Types of marketing emails

New content announcement email

In this type of marketing email, you send out important information about a new webinar, sale, coupon, ebook, free trial, etc. It promotes and describes a specific marketing offer with a call to action. It usually has a link to a landing page for your promotional offer.

The main component and focus of the email should be on the offer. It should be brief but descriptive so that people understand the offer. Moreover, your call to action must be clear and prominent.

Product update email

Writing an exciting product update email is pretty challenging as not many people are interested in seeing it. Therefore, it’s essential to keep this email straightforward and brief. Numerous companies have sent their customers monthly, or weekly product digests with product updates.

Even if you have loyal customers, getting them to engage with a product update email isn’t easy. It would be better to send a list of emails weekly or monthly containing all the product updates rather than sending multiple different emails. You can also link the page for each feature you have listed out.

Newsletter or Digital Magazine

Many top-rated companies send out a list of stories or articles to their customers either monthly or weekly. It is crucial to have a creative and appealing magazine or newsletter emails if you want your customers to view them.

You can use pictures and a large, bold headline to grab your customers’ attention. It would help if you kept it brief yet descriptive. You must also put a call to action so that interested customers can find out more about it.

This type of email is excellent as you can send numerous articles without lengthy emails. You could have a business blog for your company or a media outlet. A company magazine with all the latest updates and information on interesting topics can help attract new customers.

Event Invitation

Emails are an excellent way to promote any event your company is hosting for the customers. However, you have to be clever and motivate your customer to register. You have to be careful while designing the email and communicate why the event is essential for them to attend.

You can use visuals to convey your message. It would be best if you encouraged everyone on your list to attend the event as hosting events is quite costly, and you can use all the marketing you can get from the event. Visuals are the best way to go and try to make the email appealing.

Dedicated Send

Sometimes, sending a dedicated email to a particular group is essential. For instance, if you are planning an event or a conference, you might need to send an email with the necessary information just to registrants, so they know of any changes.

Or you might need to send dedicated emails if your company is based on any particular community. You should send a weekly or monthly dedicated email to the members of your community.

Co-marketing email

Co-marketing is when two or more complementary businesses work together for any mutually beneficial event, promotion or task. This type of marketing email is highly beneficial as you can also market to another company’s customers.

You can do webinars or send joint announcements about exciting product releases or events. In a co-marketing email, it is crucial to state clearly that you are collaborating with another company, especially if your partner company is quite popular.

You can use your and your partner’s logo on the email to reach your audience. This would help grab your customers’ attention. Moreover, you can use a custom card image or graphic to attract more customers.

Social media Mails

You can use top social media sites such as Google+, LinkedIn, etc., to reach out to your customers. When you make a Google+ event, you send invitations directly to your customers’ inboxes.

Moreover, when you send an announcement on LinkedIn, it gets sent to your customers’ inboxes too. You don’t need to make lists with all your customers’ email ids, as you can directly send them through these social media platforms.

However, with these types of emails, you can’t use email marketing software that helps you customize or change the layout and put visuals. Hence, it is crucial to use the white space carefully. You can use bullet points to hold your customers’ attention.

Internal updates

Keeping your employees updated is crucial. Many large companies use emails to update their employees. These types of emails need not be visually appealing. Instead, it would be best to focus on communicating the information with the utmost clarity. The formatting should be clear, and the information should be concise.


Email marketing is quite useful; you can apply it to attract more customers. You can use the help of marketing software to create exciting emails to turn potential customers into actual customers. The numerous types of emails should be utilized carefully. To have a well-designed email, you should follow all the tips mentioned in this article carefully.

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