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14 Best Apps To Watch Live TV And TV Shows On iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

When it comes to Apple products like iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, one must have some good apps installed to watch shows, movies, and series. The online world is bringing many great entertaining films and series on the OTT platforms; hence, one good app to watch the shows. It’s not a big deal to look for some apps that offer live TV and TV shows on Apple products. One can get many great apps by searching the same on Google. But to get the best user experience, we have selected the fourteen best apps that perform well on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

Importance of The Best Apps To Watch Live TV and TV Shows on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

There are many benefits of using various apps to enjoy movies and series on Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone. One gets shown in different languages like English, Hindi, Spanish, Japanese, and many others. It helps to fully use Apple TV and get complete entertainment on one device. The following are some of the essential features of using the best apps on your Apple devices.

  1. One can access popular streaming services and cable TV providers.
  2. There are Apple original series and films available on Apple TV.
  3. Buying and renting movies on various apps is available and helps us get complete access.
  4. One can get show suggestions as per the watching preferences.
  5. Various apps allow one to enjoy the news and live sports matches.

These were essential features of using various apps for streaming shows and live content on your Apple devices. One can access 1000s of movies, shows, and series with all the different apps.

14 Best Apps To Watch Live TV and TV shows on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

Many apps can be installed on your Apple gadgets to watch live TV and shows. But, we have shortlisted the fourteen best apps that will provide you with the best user experience, movie recommendations, and many series and films.


Hulu is the right choice to watch live television on your Apple TV and iPhone. It works as a combination of Netflix and Sling TV, offering TV shows and live TV experiences to the users. One can enjoy high packages on Hulu at very affordable prices.


Netflix is the best platform used by many users all over the world. Many users rate it positively for its TV shows and live TV. It is favored by Android as well as iOS device users. Their free 30-day trial period allows the user to enjoy various shows. It is the best TV app for iPhone as it offers all language movies.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is a fantastic app that provides 100+ channels on the platform. It has channels that display live TV consisting of great tracks for sports, music, entertainment, news, and many more things. One can enjoy TV shows using this iPhone TV app and get the best user experience.


TVCatchup provides the best platform to watch TV shows on iPhone for free. It is an online app that is super cool and simply amazing. This app is an add-free one, and one can enjoy various reputed news channels and shows with the help of it. TVCatchup is easy to use and contains many foreign country channels.

Sling TV

Sling TV is the best app for you if you are looking to get something on a monthly subscription basis. Users get to enjoy plenty of TV channels, getting the best experience. One can enjoy 45+ channels for 20 USD without facing any buffering issues. Hence, it is best for office-going couples and students.

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar is another fantastic software that helps to enjoy live TV and shows at the best price, providing the best user experience. One can access live TV, movies, series, and many other things from iPhone or iPad. It offers the best quality and zero percent buffering at a few bucks.


TVPlayer is a platform that one can use to get watch free TV on iPhone and Apple TV. This app ensures that users can experience the top-rated channels without facing buffering issues on their iPhone or iPad. It is easy to install this app, and one can enjoy favorite shows during their free time.


Cydia will help you watch live TV on your iPhone and Apple TV, providing an excellent experience. It is a satellite-based channel connecting all the UK’s essential news and entertainment channels. One can easily access TV shows based in the UK using this application.


HBO Now is a platform that will provide you with the best series that you used to watch on HBO in childhood. Everyone watched the fantastic series on the HBO channel in childhood, and this app provides those old series too. Gam Of Thrones is one such series loved by many users of this application. Also, many series, TV shows, and entertainment are built with the HBO Now Library.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is another ideal choice for users to experience the best videos and shows worldwide. One can watch sports, entertainment, TV shows, or many more things on this app. One can enjoy all these shows at $35 per month, which is affordable. Also, the US satellite programs can be watched without any buffering from your iPhone or iPad.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV is best for sports lovers who love to watch live NBA, MLS, and other fun sports. It is best to watch sports on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV at an affordable price. Not only sports channels, but Fubo TV also offers enormous live channels consisting of several movie channels.


Crackle is an exciting channel that shocked the entire World with its impressive features. It works similarly to Netflix but doesn’t charge any subscription fees to the users, making this app different from the other apps. One can watch various TV shows on Crackle without buffering on iPhone or iPad.


Yupp TV is one of the best apps to watch TV shows on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV in the US, Australia, and the Middle East like countries. It is usually preferred to watch and find the favorite shows of more than one country on one single application. Along with these, many languages enable users to get the best experience.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a fantastic app to watch live TV and movies, getting the best features compared to other apps. This app is available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Android devices. It has many movies and a wide range of TV channels, attracting many users to this app.

These were the fourteen best apps to watch live TV and TV shows to download on iPhone, Apple TV, and iPad. Hence, one can enjoy incredible movies, series, and TV shows with the help of these apps.


Hence, these were the fourteen best apps to get entertained in the daytime, as and when needed. We all know entertainment is necessary to relax after a tiring day at work or university. And having such amazing entertainment apps can help to make free time more exciting. If you love to watch shows on the big screen, you can opt to download the apps on Apple TV. Otherwise, one can enjoy various concerts, live TV, sports, and movies on iPhone and iPad. It is best to get any of the above apps to enjoy great shows with family and friends.

These are not the only 14 apps that one can download. Several other apps provide similar features and fantastic user experience. Apps like Philo, Airtel Xstream, JioTV, Epix Now, and many others can satisfy entertainment-based needs using Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad. However, one must use these apps properly without getting addicted to watching movies and series. More new platforms will be introduced into the World with exciting features, providing incredible films, series, TV shows, and live TV.

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