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Updated Filmora 9 Free Activation Code, License Keys, and Emails in 2022

Filmora is a video editing program developed by Wondershare. It helps users like content producers, YouTubers, social media marketers, and other professionals use it for video editing.  It is an affordable software, and one can get a lifetime membership rather than a monthly one. Filmora is simple to use, compelling, and exceptionally intuitive. One can even learn to edit videos on this software in as little as five minutes without prior experience and create wonderful videos.

Filmora 9 is one of the best video editing software in 2022 because of its intuitive interface that provides simple and easy video editing features. The latest version of Filmora 9 has newer and exciting features, making it a powerful editing software. The most notable feature of it is the ability to include animated titles in the videos. Hence, it will help make the video more interesting and stand out. Also, color correction and audio editing are the best features offered by the new version, making it a great option for your work.

Importance of using Filmora 9 for video editing

Filmora 9 enables users to create amazing videos, and this software has many advantages for its users. One can edit videos up to 4K resolution, remove unwanted background noise, and adjust the white balance and dynamic noise. One can also add zooming and panning movements to still footage. There are many such important features offered by Filmora 9. The following are some points that tell about the importance of using Filmora 9 for video editing.

  1. Helps to remove unnecessary background noise easily.
  2. Adjusts the dynamic range of clips very effectively.
  3. Adds ten music tracks and five text tracks to the timeline.
  4. Able to layer multiple video clips using the Picture-in-Picture mode.
  5. Helps to change the background and add special effects to the video.
  6. Combines multiple images and videos with fewer efforts.
  7. Drops and drags moving graphics into the video properly.
  8. Transforms the video with different graphic overlays and filters.
  9.  Helps to communicate using the huge selection of openers, lower thirds, and titles.
  10. Supports many file formats like MP4, MOV, MKV, and AVI.

These were some of the important features offered by Filmora 9 that help users create amazing videos for their work. One can check the software oneself and explore the various features offered by it.

System requirements to use Wondershare Filmora 9

One needs a proper system before installing the Filmora 9 software to run without issues. Your system must be able to support the software and its functions efficiently. The following are the most minimum system requirements that must be in your system to run the Filmora 9 Video Editing Software.

Operating System (OS) Supported

One needs a Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, or Windows 10 64-bit to run the software seamlessly.


The processor must be an Intel i3 or some better multicore processor offering a frequency of 2GHz or above. For HD and 4K videos, you can use the 6th Gen Intel processor or some better CPU.


To run the software smoothly, there must be NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or a  better one. One can also have the Intel HD Graphics 500 or better, AMD Radeon R5, or the system must have 2GB VRAM. For HD and 4K videos, one must have a 4GB VRAM.

Internet Connectivity

Internet connectivity is essential to register for software and online access services like Filmstock and various important features.

Hard disk space required

For editing HD and 4K videos, one needs a minimum hard disk space of 10GB or more. Also, it is recommended to use an SSD (Solid State Disk) for better performance.


At least 4GB RAM is required to run the software effectively, but it is recommended to use 8GB RAM at least for editing HD or 4K videos. These were the minimum system requirements to run the software properly and get the best results at the end of every edited video.

Filmora 9 free activation codes in 2022 (Codes and Emails)

The Filmora 9 software is free to use but to use it after the free trial, one must activate it. This activation is done with the activation code available for using the software. Wondershare website and even other reputable retailers both provide activation codes for sale. Many features offered by this software, like exporting videos in 4K or creating Blu-ray discs, need an activation code. This code is located in the Filmora account of the user. The following are the verified free activation codes that will work in 2022: –

  • Email address: –
  • Activation code: – 88347N447F231A23TT17A2298EF33294
  • Email address: –
  • Activation code: – 7B3BL3B04AA65C1E9825FE2299950E1
  • Email address: –
  • Activation code: – 13E6788B4221D028WWF2560D3W8745
  • Email address: –
  • Activation code: – F8DB6328B0277C1576DRKK6I9DJ3M598
  • Email address: –
  • Activation code: – 63AC9B12MSTTTY0FF7788A235310B133
  • Email address: –
  • Activation code: – C3C55F024595E0777B6DB20562130B77
  • Email address: –
  • Activation code: – 35706E040C63EE00E377911BI

These activation codes and emails can activate the Filmora 9 account and deeply explore the software. It will help to use the software seamlessly and edit the videos efficiently, with fewer efforts.

Filmora 9 Free License Keys in 2022 (License Keys and Emails)

Windows operating system offers movie editing software called Window Movie Maker. But another option that is more user-friendly and offers more features is Wondershare Filmora 9. It is capable of more than just simple editing tasks, making it the most popular video editing software. It can also be used to complete trickier tasks like slide exhibitions and polished films. The new versions offer many features that give a professional outlook to the final video. However, one needs a license key to use all the features of Filmora 9 without any inconvenience. The following are some license keys that can be used to work on this software: –

  • Licensed email address: –
  • License key: – FB9694298253B51545E70D22
  • Licensed email address: –
  • License key: – D772BE0279AFE60AF0E1D210
  • Licensed email address: –
  • License key: – 00289623F7B3B81E14AEB526144B6D08
  • Licensed email address: –
  • License key: – 510B3C20A9E54E0FF1D2FC28
  • Licensed email address: –
  • License key: – 10403029CF3644154841651AI
  • Licensed email address: –
  • License key: – 63AC9B12EABABA0FF7732A2
  • Licensed email address: –
  • License key: – 7B3B08087AA65C1E9825FE22

These were the seven license keys from the different license keys available on various websites. Using any of these license keys can help to use the Filmora 9 software seamlessly.


Hence, all the information regarding the latest Filmora 9 software, the necessary system requirements, activation codes, license keys, and email lists. If you want to use the best video editing software, you can opt for the Filmora 9 software. The latest features and abilities of the software to provide the best experience make it different than the other competitors. So don’t wait to get the Wondershare Filmora 9 on your device and edit eye-catching videos for your work and clients.

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