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The Business Trends – Stream Full HD Movies And Web Series Free In 2022

Putlocker is one of the best websites that can be used to watch web shows and movies for free. It was launched in 2011 in the United Kingdom (UK) to provide free movies, series, and documentaries. However, this website was banned in 2016, as it was a pirating website that pirated episodes, web series, and movies in several ways. One can watch any movie on this platform in high-definition (HD) picture quality without requiring any subscription to this platform.

Introduction About To Stream Free Web Shows and Movies

Putlocker is a fantastic site with a vast collection of incredible new and old movies. One can even recommend it to friends if you love watching movies. Also, the dual audio feature, dubbed movies, makes it convenient for everyone to watch content on this site. But, one must never forget that piracy is an illegal offense. Hence, one must know the rules before using such pirated sites. That was all about Putlocker, its similar domain names, and alternative websites that can be used to access new movies and shows for free.

The Putlocker movie streaming platform can still be used in many countries through its website, and enjoy incredible movies. As this platform is free to use, many users use it to watch various kinds of content. For safety reasons, Putlocker timely changes the domain name and provides the users with movies from such websites. One can watch Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Chinese, German, Spanish, and many more on this platform. This article contains detailed information about the Putlocker website, its similar domains, and alternatives that can be used in place of Putlocker.

Importance of using Putlocker

Putlocker offers many important features; the following are some of them: –

  1. It offers amazing movies and web shows to users.
  2. The user interface and awesome navigable features are amazing.
  3. There is a huge number of movies and web shows available on this platform.
  4. One can download movies in various sizes and qualities.
  5. The website has different categories for various types of content.

These were the important features of Putlocker that make it unique from the other competitors,

Putlocker provides movies and shows in dual audio: –

In the covid times, many users wanted to watch movies in theatres, but due to some limitations, that could not happen. Hence, many websites like Putlocker provide the latest free movies and web shows. This attracted much crowd, and many such websites started growing more. Another reason why Putlocker is most preferred is that it offers dual audio movies. So, if you love watching Hollywood movies but don’t understand English, then there is no fun in watching an English film. Hence, Putlocker solved this issue by providing movies in dual audio and dubbed versions. Therefore, if you don’t understand one language, you can switch to another language to enjoy the cinema even in your local language.

Type of content that one can watch on Putlocker: –

Putlocker is a massive source of leaked and pirated movies. As a result, almost every old and new film, web series, and TV show is available on this platform. The content on this website is categorized into various groups; one has only to visit the website and choose the kind of category to watch. Some of the featured categories on this website are – most viewed movies, best Bollywood movies, Horror movies, romantic movies, drama movies, and many more.

Some latest movies available on Putlocker: –

Whenever a web show or movie is released in a theatre or on an OTT platform, Putlocker leaks it from such sources. After leaking it, this platform provides it to the users. Hence there is no need to wait for the movie longer. Also, there is no need to go out to enjoy the film in theatres; one can do it at home. There have been many new movies released on the Putlocker website recently. The latest films featured by this website are The Commando, The Royal Treatment, Home Team, Moonfall, The Long Night, and many other movies.

Some latest web shows available on Putlocker

Putlocker provides web series, too, along with the latest movies. Most of the fantastic web series are released on the OTT platforms, and these platforms charge some decent subscription fees. However, if you don’t want to spend money on such media, you can opt for Putlocker. It makes the latest web shows available on the website within the very few days after the release. Hence, it is an easy, convenient, and free-to-use platform that provides web shows without fees. Some of the latest shows that can be streamed on this website are – Human Resources, Anamika, The Dropout, and many more.

Similar Domains Of Website To Stream Free Movies and Web Shows

The original Putlocker was shut down in 2016 by the United Kingdom (UK) High Court. However, the owners of the website didn’t close their business. Putlocker continued to feature pirated and leaked movies to the users. They created many similar domain names to run the business through similar websites. So, when the government bans any website, Putlocker can use another domain name and continue running the business without interruption.

One can find the following domain names while searching for Putlocker on the internet.

  • Putlocker.wp,

Best alternatives of the Putlocker website

Many alternative websites can be used if you don’t find Putlocker on your browser. Many legal and pirate websites can be used as an alternative to the Putlocker platform. Some authorized and legal websites are Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, MX Player, YouTube, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and many others. And the following are some of the similar websites that work similarly to the Putlocker movie streaming services.


123Movies provides the most extensive streaming library compared to any other site. It is well-organized and has a minimalist interface compared to the other sites. In addition to movies, 123Movies also provides live-action shows, web shows, western hits, Asian dramas, and cartoons. Also, it is famous for giving anime to anime lovers while showing significantly fewer ads on the site.


SolarMovie is another website with the most accessible navigating features and a fantastic user interface. Its superior search function is one of the best free streaming services compared to the other competitors. They provide comparatively lesser moves and shows compared to the other platforms. Hence, most people use different apps to get an extensive movie catalog.


Popcornflix works well with mobile devices compared to other similar websites. Hence, if you are traveling, you can use this website to watch movies and web shows on a bus, train, or anywhere else. It has a great library of new and old movies, along with some hidden gems. However, one cannot find TV shows on the Popcornflix site, as it majorly focuses on movie classics.


Fmovies will provide you with the best search function, making it great for movie lovers. It has a user-friendly layout, a unique interface, and amazing features. The homepage of this site is minimalistic and makes it easier to navigate throughout the page. Also, the movies and shows are categorized in various ways, like the most watched and most recently added.

Los Movies

Los Movies is an excellent movie streaming site similar to the Putlocker platform. It has a large variety of movies and TV shows from all over the World that attract many users. One can get the most incredible collection of international content on this site. The site also has a functional search bar that helps find the same show or movie an individual is searching for.

These five platforms can be used as an alternative to the Putlocker site. However, many other sites like GoMovies, and MoviesJoy, Yes! Movies and AZMovies can be used along with the site mentioned above. In addition, many sites offer pirated movies, and such sites are available on the internet; only one needs to search for them.


Hence, this was detailed information about Putlocker and its services. This site can quickly help find Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Spanish, and other language movies. However, as it is a pirated site, one must be careful while using it, as there are many laws made regarding pirated sites. One must mostly use legal and authorized sites to watch movies and TV shows. But, if the movie you are looking for is unavailable, you can opt for pirated sites.

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