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Best Websites To Download Cracked PC Games For Windows 7/8/8.1/10

People tend to be more in android games than in outdoor games. The reason is that android games have the magnetic power to grasp attention quickly. It has a variety of games and fun-filled strategies. There is a slim chance for anyone to say no to them. Even after millions of gaming applications are discovered, the demand increases daily. The android game providers also work efficiently to meet the satisfaction of their users.

In this bush of online gaming, separate applications are specially designed for PC interfaces. The cracked PC games ensure the computer’s privacy security upon using a gaming website. It is crucial to confirm the substantial errors and warnings while downloading a gaming application on your PC., whether it is Windows 7/8./8.1/10, you must ensure the safety precautions before anything. Also, hundreds of websites are available for cracked PC games on the internet.

Best sites for cracked PC games downloading in windows 7/8//8.1/10

As said earlier, there are many websites for downloading cracked PC games. You can choose anyone based on your [reference. However, some show discrimination while operating, and some may not suit your window version. The following passage will discuss the best sites to download cracked PC games for your window.

  1. Ocean of Games
  2. Ova Games
  3. IGG Games
  4. Game Save
  5. Apun ka Games
  6. Now Games Box
  7. RG Mechanics
  8. Black Box Repack
  9. Skidrow Reloaded
  10. Cracked-games

1. Ocean of Games

Ocean of games is one of the most useful sites for the best-cracked PC games. As its name denotes, there are plenty of games available here. Low-budget gamers can access this site for their limited preferences. It is an ad-free site with a simple interface. The process of downloading an application is easy with a simple click option.

Important features of Ocean of Games

  • Ad-free site.
  • Easy to use.
  • Single click download.
  • The downloading process is reasonably fast.
  • You can share links with others also.

2. Ova Games

Ova games is also a free site that comes to the top-most names in this list. It has a simple interface, and designs are also familiar with no extravagance. The contents are appreciable for its dashing working. You can get full version games here with a single click download. Many versions are also available, including codex, copy, etc.

Important features of Ova Games

  • You can search for any game you want.
  • Easy operating tools and general interface.
  • But you have to pass a few short links to reach the download page.
  • The process is simple and easy to carry out.
  • Popular games include action, arcades, fights, horror, casual games, puzzles, racing, etc.

3. IGG Games

There are not many options when it comes to freestyle preferences. If you are struggling to find one of those ways, come here without any second thought. They have varieties of games from various genres. Their collections are enormous, from which you can search for your wanted one.

Important features of IGG Games

  • Rare games are present here.
  • Approximately it consists of more than 100 games.
  • You can browse through their lists.
  • Filter based on your choices.

4. Game Save

Game save is one of the only gaming sites for PC download. The home page is filled with various games to show their stocks typically belong to all genres. All the games available here are for free. The onsite environment is easy to approach and simple to accommodate.

Important features Game save

  • It is a simple anime save website.
  • There are plenty of games present here.
  • You can download them freely.
  • Although there is no upgrade option for games, they are pretty good.

5. Apun Ka Games

Apun ka games site is initially a blog page for reviewing and sharing various gaming applications. They grow to the next phase of providing the onsite service of cracked PC gaming downloads. The blogs are usually arranged by providing the link for a particular game. If you find genre searching difficult, you can approach this site.

Important features Apun ka games

  • There are an immense amount of genres available here.
  • The search option is not complicated.
  • Easy to use.
  • Genres and titles compile finding games.
  • There won’t be any uncomfortable ads.

6. New Games Box

The site is one of the fastest presents there. The new game’s box is attractive with fast loading and update options. The arranged features are perfectly fitted with the site interface. It is one of the sites where you can download cracked PC games directly through your downloader.

Important features of New Games Box

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Easy to operate.
  • There are a lot of popular and rare games present here.
  • Some games are GTA V, FIFA 19, Hitman 2, etc.
  • But you have turned off the AdBlock to download.

7. RG Mechanics

RG’s characteristic features are its interactive model and straightforward approach. The display of games is attractive to grasp attention to go through them quickly. You can find any games from the list and review their description. Furthermore, it does not have many games, but the available games are rare and popular.

Important features of RG Mechanics

  • Exciting and easy to use.
  • There are primarily rare games available here.
  • The downloading process is simple.
  • Comfortable interface for all window versions.

8. Black Box Repack

Black box repack provides a different version of the interface from others. Don’t get bothered by the name because it does not bestow only black box games. There is a security team to ensure your moves and allow you to explore cracked PC games and security games. In addition, you also get to play pirate games.

Important features of Black Box Repack

  • Free downloading site of all cracked PC games.
  • Also, you can request any games.
  • Simple and clean interface.
  • Plenty of games under cracked models for PC versions.

9. Skidrow Reloaded

Simplicity is the one-word description for skidrow reloaded. They are not attractive like others, but their actions are pretty fast compared to others. The loading speed is quick, and the process takes only a short time to sort out. Also, a single game has alternative links if one is not working correctly.

Important features of Skidrow Reloaded

  • More than one option for downloading a game.
  • Fastest site for all types of games.
  • Simple interface.
  • User-friendly.

10. Cracked-games

Cracked-games are the complete opposite of skidrow. Here, you will meet with an attractive, animated home page with sizzling colors. The game posters are enough to welcome everyone’s eyes. The arrangement will hypnotize you not to let your concentration refract to the other side. It is undoubtedly a fantastic site to use.

Important features of Cracked-games

  • They upload 1-6 games every day.
  • Available in many languages, although German is the most familiar.
  • Attractive and exciting to encounter.
  • Bashful arrangement of games.
  • Easy to download in all window versions.


From the above passage, you can learn the best sites for cracked pc games downloading in your window. Then, you can go through the points mentioned above to clarify your doubts and choose the one best for you. As it is a complicated process with the number of sites and games present, choosing one that suits your system will take quite a bit. So, you can use this package as a guiding tool to check the process.

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