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historical places To Visit in Europe

Europe is adored throughout the traveling world for different reasons including its rich history. While some of the European cities have mystical beginnings the others have a deep-rooted history to explore. And thus, history buffs keep getting attracted to this beautiful continent. If you are also locations for the best historical places in Europe, you have landed at your destination. Find the top historical destinations in Europe with our list of the must-visit historical places in Europe.

Places to Visit in Europe

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is a beautiful lake covered in gorgeous greens and picturesque beauty from all sides. Moreover, it is the most famous Italian lake and is residing on the beautiful Bled island. Every year tens of thousands of people take direct flights to Italy from US to see this beautiful lake.

There are many historical and beautiful things to visit on the island except the popular lake. Moreover, the lake is residing at the heart of the island making it look beautiful to visitors. Further, another attraction here is a church that dates back to the 17th century. Moreover, if you want to get weeded here then be ready to climb the 98 steps of the church while carrying your bride. 


A beautiful Danish island residing in the Baltic which was under the rule of many nations. This list includes Sweden, Germany, the Soviet Union, and The Hanse city of Lubeck. Currently, this island is under the rule of Denmark and is a popular historical site in Europe.

This is a beautiful island that is home to many historical sites that are largely unspoiled. Further, the best thing about this island is that it looks untouched by human interference. And thus, most of the historical sites on the island are in perfect shape even after being here for centuries. Moreover, the most popular attraction here includes the 300 wooden houses donated by Sweden. These houses were given by the Sweden government to help the island build up after the second world war.

The Wieliczka Salt Mine

One of the longest working salt mines in European history, this salt mine was in operation until 1996. Further, the thousand of miners that worked in the salt mine built many salt statues here. And now these salt statues are used to covert this salt mine into a popular museum in Poland.

Also, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this salt mine is adored by travelers from across the globe. Further, along with the salt statues, this museum is decorated with drawings depicting the process to make salt. Other than this, guests visiting the mine are also allowed to visit the lower chambers as well.


A beautiful roman city with mystical beginnings, this city is now part of northern Albania. Moreover, this Roman city was destroyed by the Greeks and it is not very distant from the Greek border. Also, the city has seen good growth under the rule of the Roman leader Ceaser.

Further, after Caser, Augustus does the same for the city and increased the magnitude of the policies created by the former leader. Thus, the city’s size doubled and it thrived until it faced its decline during the Later Empire. As of now, the site is open for visitors to witness the proofs of both the rise and the fall of the city.

The Great Synagogue

This Synagogue is the biggest in Europe and is residing proudly on the land of Budapest. Moreover, this place has an important role to play in the historical and cultural significance of the city. Standing here since the 1850s, this building was built by the Jewish community of Pest.

Although the building design depicts Islamic architectural design. This is because the architect believed that there is no difference between the Islamic and the Jewish building styles. Now, this place is the home of a graveyard and the popular Jewish Museum of Budapest. There is also a temple here dedicated to the Jewish soldiers who lost their lives during the first world war. 


Take a Direct flight to Germany from the USA to land on the preserved wall city of Germany, Urbino. If you are aware of the great painter Raphael, then you must know that this city is his birthplace, Moreover, Urbino still looks like it used to look when ruled by the Duke of Urbino between 1444-1482. Further, this makes the city a great sight for history buffs and architecture lovers around the world.

Moreover, this city is also the home of Ducal Palace that looks unharmed by human interference over centuries. Here, you can not only adore beautiful architectural design but see the true art of Renaissance paintings.

Rila Monastery

This monastery is the largest Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria and a popular site in Europe. Moreover, history buffs love paying a visit here to learn more about the traditions and rules followed by this monastery. Further, this monastery is famous in Bulgaria as a popular religious and cultural center. 

This monastery belongs to the 19th century and has played an important part in Bulgarian National Revival. Although the locals belie that the monastery was much popular and bigger during the 10th century.

The Alhambra

Residing in Spain this is one of the most beautiful palaces of the Islamic religion. Also, one of the popular fortresses in the country, this palace receives attention from tourists across the globe. Further, this palace is a part of the southern regions of Spain and was built in the 13th and 14th centuries.

Moreover, this fortress was built under the supervision of the Islamic Emirs and the Sultans of Granada. Also, this fortress complex contains beautiful luscious gardens, mesmerizing fountains, archways, and quadrangles. Further, this place features the majestic Islamic script and arabesque decorations as well.

The Rhone Valley

The land of wines, the Rhone Valley has been the center of viticulture since the Roman started cultivating vines here. However, there is much more to explore on these beautiful lands except the vineyard. And thus, you can plan your travel plan according to your whims and likes.

The top things to do here include tasting the fine quality wines and visiting vintage vineyards.

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