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Learn more about the Canadian work permit application for your spouse

When you are working or studying in Canada, far away from home, wouldn’t it be ideal to keep your family close to you? Suppose you are an international student working overseas for a period and planning to shift with your spouse or partner to Canada. In that case, they are eligible for an open work permit that will legally allow them to work while you study or work within the stipulated period. But applying for a spouse visa in Canada is mandatory if your spouse cohabits with you getting a temporary resident status to enter Canada. Getting a spouse visa in Canada helps your spouse get legal immigration status and a work permit without any hassles. Sponsorship applications for spouse visas in Canada take about 12 months to process from start to finish. 

An open work permit is issued to a foreign national without any job specifics. That means that your spouse need not show the job offer to get the work permit issued. They can work under any Canadian employer.

When should your spouse apply for the work permit?

Your spouse can apply before or after arriving in Canada. Usually, your spouse’s work permit is valid as long as your study permit or work permit is availed. After successfully availing of a passport and spouse visa in Canada, you can apply for a work permit if you meet the following eligibility requirements.

Eligibility for work permit application in Canada

  1. Proof must be given to the consulate officer that you will move out of Canada once the period expires.
  2. Show documents showcasing that you and your family can support yourselves during your time of stay in Canada.
  3. Have no record of criminal activity and submit a police clearance certificate to the Indian consulate.
  4. Not a danger to Canada’s security.
  5. Take a medical exam if required.
  6. They have no plans to work for certain employers marked ineligible by the Canadian government as they failed to comply with governance rules. (Escort services and strip clubs, for instance).
  • Must submit required documents demanded by consulate officers to permit your entry to Canada.

You can visit the immigration office in India and get a list of hospitals approved to take medical tests and other miscellaneous information.

Documents required to apply for a work permit in Canada

  1. Valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months before the time of arrival in Canada
  2. Two recent passport-sized photographs
  3. Certificates citing your education qualifications
  4. Valid proof of professional work experience
  5. Solid proof of financial resources that will be adequate to cover your expenses in Canada
  6. Medical health examination to be done in registered hospitals.
  7. Application fee to apply for a work permit

These applications and documents should be submitted to immigration offices in India to qualify your entry to Canada once approved.

Dependent work visa

Canadian government helps immigration of your family under the dependent work visa permit category. You may be allowed to bring your spouse and children if you have a job secured by a Canadian employer and have a work permit.

Your children do not require any separate study permits to get into any educational institutions in Canada.

If you are from India, you can apply for dependent work visas through various Immigration offices in India. However, with the advent of COVID, the norms are being shifted online, and you can apply directly through immigration portals and websites.

Dependent visa application requirements

To sponsor a dependent, you should send recorded proof of your financial conditions and cash inflow for the previous 12 months to the immigration, refugees, and citizenship Canada (IRCC). However, the foremost eligibility overlooked by authorities is to determine if the applicant can be approved for dependent visa sponsorship.

What are the underlying benefits of spouse work permits?

Besides reuniting you with your spouse in a foreign country, spousal work permits have a handful of benefits. For example, spouse work permits your spouse to acquire a job in Canada even before receiving an offer from a Canadian employer.  And your spouse need not have an in-hand job offer presented to come to Canada. Also, they can work anywhere in Canada as there are no geographical restrictions.

Also, with a minimum requirement of three years, you and your spouse can apply for Canadian permanent residency and then apply for Canadian citizenship rights to acquire the legal rights of a Canadian citizen.

How and where to apply – Open work permit for spouses

  1. Please navigate to the application of the work permit portal of the Canadian government immigration and check your eligibility through the questionnaire provided on their website.
  2. Note down the personal reference code presented to you at the end of the questionnaire.
  3. Register for an account known as the GC (Government of Canada services) key if you don’t have one, or log in if you have one.
  4. Download and fill the application form that requires your details.

        Once downloaded, fill in the details and upload it back to the portal.

  • Job offer is not mandatory to get work permits; so, you can mark the field NA.
  • Also, LMIA (Labor market impact assessment) is not required for work permits, as they apply only to employers in Canada to get before they hire foreign workers.
  • Upload all required documents and make sure you upload all your stamped pages in your passport into a single document.
  • Also, submit the medical proof document, if any required, in the additional document required column.
  • Your spouse may require biometric proof as the Immigration of Canada plans to extend its verification program for work permits.
  • Pay the required fees that may amount to an additional 85$ in the case of biometrics.
  • Now that the above procedures are successfully done, you can wait until you receive your online work permit approval notice.

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