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Discover the Powers of Hypnosis and Visualization with Food Hypnotist & Love coach Francesca D’Amico at Wellness & Wonder

She lives for the depth of connection she encounters in her life, for the meaning of life and of love.

Her business model is never based on earning the material even though she knows we must be grounded to be able to truly create. Her model is based on adding value as anything valuable created as a value to be felt within has the powerful effect to affect anyone in the best way, as Inspiration or as awareness.

She spent her life creating space for people in her community to be authentically themselves. It is not an easy process she underlines, as everyone is different and everyone has different needs also with respect to the connection they have with themselves and with others.

Thanks to the sense she gives to love, she brings people together during workshops and meetings that give everyone the opportunity to connect with themselves and others in an authentic way, and not for the goal of feeling validated from the outside but to create value in the field itself in which they are located and find themselves.

Francesca strongly believes in the value of creativity and expression of one’s being, for this very reason she manages to recreate scenes made of energy and people who, even if they don’t know each other, rediscover the beauty of the connection that goes beyond what is obvious.

During these online and offline meetings, we rediscover ourselves in a sense of lightness faced with depth, for a sense of freedom but at the same time of knowledge of ourselves and of others, without however relying on what it seems but on what it is.

With her hypnosis method rediscovered thanks to the course followed with Rossano Sambo, Francesca D’Amico brings together creativity and connection with the intention of activating awareness and vulnerability among people who have until now held internal mental and emotional blocks.

She often reminds us as creativity comes from feeling seen and understood in a place where many are trying to mislead us for convenience and for envious attitudes and insecurities of people around us.

We don’t have to divide we have to connect to the truth to be able to activate our inner powers of true creation not copying from others and trying to be better than others.

She believes that love is the secret to completing any project you want to carry on and that the mind is really often our enemy when and meanwhile creating something, as it is based on mental processes that come outside of ourselves thus creating fears and hardships for many people unaware of their innate powers related to intuition.

Precisely in this era where everything can be changed, and rebuilt with more added value, the freshness that is achieved during these creative scenes suggested by her, love is found within oneself and for others with zero judgment and more collaboration. Empathy is difficult to achieve by living in the system in which we find ourselves where competitiveness leads us to be individualistic by losing the true connection to life and to love.

Our minds are incredibly potent and capable of extraordinary feats when connected to our hearts,  but it can sometimes be challenging to access those abilities. That’s why hypnosis and visualization hold such an essential place in the holistic coaching practice of Francesca D’Amico.

D’Amico is a holistic health coach with extensive experience in Life. Through her podcast, Wellness & Wonder, she provides people with an opportunity to learn more about the power of the mind and heart together and how it can be used to bring about positive changes in life. In her well-liked segment with renowned hypnotists Glen Rottman and Sandy Ames, D’Amico talked about a positive, hopeful, and prototypical view of the future that includes defining what “good” actually means for the majority of us and developing a strategy to make that definition a reality.

According to the speakers, visualization, and hypnosis are practical tools that help us get past our subconscious barriers and better understand our motivations. However, to use these tools effectively, one must improve their connection to themselves, as this allows a person to move forward with clarity, focus, and determination to achieve their goals. Glenn explains how hypnosis and visualization work together to create a mental state of relaxation and reflection, allowing the mind to be open to new possibilities and insights.

Additionally, Glenn and Francesca, and Sandy discuss the value of motivation, mutual support, and sharing experiences throughout their conversation. They noted that having a sense of community is essential to helping people stay on track with their goals and dreams.

During the episode, Glenn also showcased the power of hypnotherapy by showing three live examples based on control, abandonment, and the perception of sensations. This experience gave listeners an insight into how hypnotherapy can help them control their thoughts and behaviors to achieve their desired goals or outcomes.

The show’s final message was powerful: it’s okay to have more than one goal in life, and you shouldn’t give up until you’ve accomplished everything you set out to do. This helps us remember that all dreams are achievable, and the power of visualization, hypnosis, and holistic coaching can help us make them a reality. You can check out the complete episode here.

By tapping into the immense power of our minds with hypnotherapy, visualization, and holistic coaching, we can empower ourselves and achieve tremendous success. With Francesca D’Amico at Wellness & Wonder, you can learn how to make the most of these techniques and live a fulfilling life. Tune in today to discover the power of your mind and heart together!

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