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Swimming with Sharks, Painting, and Mixed Media – How Plastic Surgeon & Content Creator Dr. Ross Blagg Unwinds

To succeed in the medical profession, it is necessary to work hard but taking a break from your professional life and relaxing is what improves your performance, help you restore your energy, and decreases physical and emotional fatigue. Likewise, Dr. Ross Blagg as a medical practitioner loves to spend time with his friends, family, and colleagues to recover from his work stress and improve his productivity.      

Today the leading plastic surgeon Dr. Ross Blagg is one of the most well-known board-certified plastic surgeons working at Synergy Plastic Surgery in Austin, Texas. As a medical professional, he understands the importance of taking a break from the profession. He is of the resolute belief that true balance can only be achieved if one takes out time to relax while helping individuals to feel better and improving their productivity at work.

As a teenager, Dr. Ross had a natural talent for painting and drawing, was an ardent follower of science, and enjoyed nature. In fact, traveling around the world and exploring nature is still a prominent part of his life, which continues to partake in alongside his profession. Additionally, these mindful activities not only help him boost his health but also recover from everyday stress.

Another activity that he particularly enjoys is exploring the deep oceans, getting acquainted with marine life, and scuba diving since the age of thirteen.

Dr. Ross has also lived in Australia, Ecuador, and the Caribbean while working to monitor the Great Barrier Reef. He continues, “I fell in love with diving in the ocean when I was 16 on a family holiday.” When questioned about his passion for sharks, he responded, “I’ve spent a lot of time hunting sharks”  and developed a passion for these majestic creatures while he was living abroad and loved going shark diving once a year. In fact, he took a detour into marine biology in college owing to his fascination with sharks and aquatic life but ultimately decided to pursue a career in plastic surgery. Nevertheless, his marine adventures and underwater trips remain among his favorite activities to unwind to date.

Not only that, Dr. Ross enjoyed the creative process of art and as a teenager, he decided to opt for plastic surgery since it offered him a special way to combine science and art. He also developed a pill called “The After Surgery Supplement” to be used after surgery for improved healing.

Along with this, he has also grown to appreciate the artistic process, and starting the Plastic Surgery Road Trip has given him a platform to explore his love for mixed media. Thus, he has found for himself a platform and a mechanism through which he combines his love of adventure and altruism.

We can clearly see how Dr. Ross Blagg’s love for sharks developed over time and fusing his work with adventure and arts made him more interested in plastic surgery. All these activities help him to relax and take time out from his hectic routine as a plastic surgeon. Although Dr. Ross is hard to deter from his life mission, he believes in taking time out for yourself and unwinding to avoid burnout, especially as a medical practitioner. Finding what you truly love and seeking joy from it is perhaps the best way to live a fulfilling life.

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