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Growing Slowly but Surely: with Jeremy Jenson, Influencer and CEO of Encore Search Partners

We all have read the story of the rabbit and the tortoise and how the moral of the story goes, “Slow and steady wins the race.”

Similarly, in life, sometimes being slow and steady will give you the best possible results. Growing slowly is not at all as bad as some may think. Although going faster is always considered better because of the fast-paced world, going slow has its own perks. 

This is precisely what Jeremy Jenson believes in. Founder of the recruiting agency Encore Search Partners, Jeremy prioritizes internal growth rather than growing externally. Growing from the inside means you increase your sales and the client list using marketing techniques and strategies. In contrast, growing externally means you prefer integrating with companies or merging with others. Growing internally is better for a business because it establishes a backbone. 

Encore Search Partners started its recruiting services in 2013 with only 3 employees. Gradually it grew, and in 2016, Encore Search hired 8 more employees along with a VP, Scott Kelly (now President), whose expertise, along with the founder’s vision, has led the recruiting business to flourish. So much so that today the agency has 32 employees dedicating their time and services to it.

Only after effective internal growth does Jeremy believe in growing externally. He has always stated that he would like to expand his business so he can increase his profits exponentially, and acquire new and more significant clients. Business expansion can also mean that Jeremy would have a more substantial piece of the market and maybe one day even control the staffing and recruitment industry. 

Nevertheless, growing too much too quickly can cause Jeremy to lose control of his business, as well as compromise the quality of service he gives to his clients. The workload would increase, and the employees might feel overwhelmed with work, which may decrease their morale. Both these scenarios are unsuitable for the business and will not be ideal for the clients. 

Jeremy is very concerned about his clients, and the role he plays in their business as a trustworthy recruiter, so he would never think about ruining that reputation by being hasty. He says, The goal is to continue to scale each year by opening a new business unit every 18 months and slow, organic growth within the existing business units.” 

With Jeremy’s determination for his business, there is no doubt that one-day Encore Search Partners will be the top staffing and recruiting firm in the world. With people like Jeremy Jenson building a business, there isn’t much left to the imagination regarding the success of the recruiting industry.

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