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A Better Look with Invisible Braces

Old school braces are a thing of the past now, and their rather stiff feel and somewhat off-putting visuals make the choice to get affordable invisible braces in Wimbledon seem more logical. The original braces used pressure applied through metal wires to reshape the alignment of your teeth to your desired position.  New invisible braces are slightly different than the old ones, and the process of their design is more complicated since it involves a 3D scan of your teeth alignment, which is used to design your very own invisible braces in Wimbledon. There are other solutions available in the market, such as lingual braces, which fit right behind your teeth, but here we will strictly discuss clear aligners.

Invisible Braces Specialists in Wimbledon

Not every dentist in England has the equipment and training necessary to make your invisible braces, since the process involves making a 3D map of your teeth, using a 3D scanner. Once you find a qualified specialist to make your invisible braces, you should book a visit for a consultation. There the dentist will tell you whether the clear aligners are a suitable option for you, considering your dental history and habits. If you have any signs of tooth decay or gum disease, it is recommended to fix those issues first before proceeding to get invisible braces.

Once you get the green light from the doctor, they will give you their speculation on the financial cost of the invisible braces, as well as the timeline for your treatment.

Mapping out your mouth

Either in the consultation visit or afterward in a follow-up session, the specialist will use a digital 3D scanner to map out the details of your current teeth alignment to figure out how to undertake the necessary steps to shape out your teeth. You can see this 3D scan on a monitor, and the dentist will explain the basics. After the visit, the specialist will send the scan to the laboratory, where it is used to design the aligner trays for your invisible braces in Wimbledon.

Trying on the new trays

Once the lab is done with the manufacturing process, the office will give you a call and set a date for a visit, and fit your first set of trays. Depending on the details of your trays, the dentist may resort to using small attachments to hold the new braces in your mouth and help your teeth move into the desired shape. They use composite resin material to assist with the fitting process. When they remove the resin mold, there will be a few buttons left on your teeth which will serve as a guide for putting in your invisible braces. This process is not harmful to your teeth in the short or long term and it should be painless.

The path to reshaping your teeth

After a couple of weeks, you should get a call from the dentist’s office, checking up on the latest developments. Based on the progress, you will be instructed to visit their office every month or so, to help the dentist monitor your progress and detect any problem with the realignment process.

How long should I wear invisible braces?

In most cases, it takes around 2 years to fully realign your teeth, but in less severe cases, you could get optimal results in around half a year. There are various factors at play here, such as age, the condition of your gums, and your dedication to the instructions presented by the specialist.

The official treatment duration is around 12 to 18 months. This is guaranteed if you wear the invisible braces all day long and don’t take them out too often or for too long. Of course, you should remove the invisible braces when you eat and drink, or when you play extreme sports that could cause damage to your braces and gums. If you fail to comply with these instructions, your treatment may take longer than anticipated, or worse you could damage your teeth.

You will use different trays in the duration of your treatment, and the number of braces depends on the assessment of the specialist. The average number is between25 to 50 per year if you tend to change your trays for a new one every couple of weeks.

The Manufacturing Process of Invisible Braces in Wimbledon

The material used in creating the invisible braces is a thermoplastic compound, generally made up of Copolyester and Polyurethane. This material has been subject to a survey in 2016, which found out the new invisible braces feel much more comfortable than the plastic compound used before.

The invisible braces are best suited for less severe cases and are considered ineffective in the seriously disfigured tooth, or a tooth that is sticking out.

However, there are certain conditions that can be easily treated using invisible braces. They include overcrowded teeth; interior or exterior open bite (where the teeth slant outward and do not fully close when the patient shuts their jaw), regular tooth gaps, and prominent teeth.

 Finally, the Cost of Invisible Braces in London

The full treatment of invisible trays depends on the supplier and your dentist, but the average cost in the UK could be as high as 6,000 or 7,000 pounds. Make sure to check with your insurance provider, to find out if they cover invisible braces, as some insurance companies tend to cover regular braces.

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