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Natural Language Processing (NLP): How to Use It in Your Projects

This post will share with you how to best utilize Natural Language Processing (NLP) in your own applications. You’ll find everything from basic introductions to tricks and tools that even the most advanced developers need to know, so it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for beginner knowledge or some cool programming secrets. And who knows? You might just end up falling in love with NLP because of us 🙂

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the Klangoo NLP API—a powerful service tailored to developers.

What is Klangoo’s NLP API for Developers

Klangoo API is a way for developers to integrate NLP into their applications. It helps them create sophisticated NLP-enabled solutions, making the process easy and simple.

Some of its most popular features include:

  • Tag content with Semantic topics
  • Summarize content
  • Relate/match content
  • Identify any type of name (Country, Person, Brand, Company, Series, &1000s of other types)
  • Identify any BRAND SAFETY / Sensitive Content risk

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features that this powerful service has to offer.

Features of Klangoo NLP API


Automatically identify the key topics (disambiguated phrases and score) within your input text using the getkeytopics method. Topics are the key elements used in Semantic Full-Text Search, automated summarization, categorization, and theme building amongst other features.

Entity extraction

Have you ever thought about how many times the names of world leaders appear in your Facebook newsfeeds? What about how often those same leaders are mentioned on Twitter? How about the networks they appear on? There is an entire ecosystem at work out there.

Klangoo uses Artificial Intelligence to identify in any given content over 40 different high-level entity types and thousands of sub-types, including people, organizations, events, brands, and more. Then scores each identified entity based on its representation in the content using patented algorithms. All the way from top brands like Apple, Shell, and Newsweek to known health issues such as diabetes.


Klangoo doesn’t need any training as it automatically returns the best one or more categories that each content item should be classified under with a score that indicates the relevance of the context to the Category.

Categorize your input text based on 8 key news categories such as health, politics, sports, etc. If you need deeper level categories, request access to the subcategories (30+).


Klangoo automatically summarizes your input text using extractive and smoothing algorithms based on its topic analysis and identification of key subjects (“aboutness” of the text).

Semantic Search

With Semantic search, a data searching technique, Klangoo does not only find the searched Keyphrase/Paragraph but also determines the contextual meaning of the Keyphrase/paragraph that people use for search.

Brand safety

Protect your brand’s reputation by using Klangoo’s Sensitive Content Tagging service. Our natural language processing technology is also capable of tagging text based on IAB tags where you decide the main type of content to be displayed on your website.


The post has been brought to you by Klangoo, one of the most powerful NLP APIs for developers to build their solutions without sacrificing performance when integrating it with any technology stack.

Start your free trial now  and get 5,000 free API calls per month! Plus you can use this promotional code Klangoo10 which offers an additional 10,000 free API calls per year when signed up.

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