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5 time-tested ways to multiply your blog traffic

One of the major concerns of many bloggers is how to connect best with the targeted audiences and the easiest answer to this is to offer them relevant posts. However, many bloggers fail to understand what their audiences need and how to package it in the right way so that it should look appealing. In this post, we have brought you some of the best ways to write blog articles that not only sound great but also pack immense value for your readers. Here are a few things that will help you create a distinct position for your readers and turn them into committed subscribers.

Best Ways To Multiply Your Blog Traffic

Set Realistic Expectations

While you would like to set high goals for your blog to keep yourself motivated, make sure not to ignore the real picture. Many bloggers make their readers habitual of very high standards and regular posting. However, over time the things become more complicated and the schedule becomes busier. It may be an uphill task to fully satisfy all your readers but make sure that you should be able to satisfy the major expectations of serious and committed readers. 

Avoid setting high expectations in the beginning. It is a good start with longer gaps (say weekly or fortnightly posts) and reasonably increases the frequency as you gain more confidence. 

Well Research about the Topic before Start Writing

It is equally important to invest a good amount and attention in researching the topics that your targeted audiences are desperately looking for. It will help you create posts that precisely communicate with their internet and perfectly fit their expectations. For that, you can check the platforms like Facebook and Quora. That is why most businesses and bloggers rely on facebook research to hit the right topic. Using hashtags on Facebook will help you explore the most discussed topics in your relevant niche and on Quora you can find the most current questions of the targeted readers for which they are actively finding an answer. This information empowers you to deliver high-value and purpose-specific information to the readers which keeps them happy and turns them into regular audiences. there are many websites and different types of apps there you will get more info about the topic.

Content Writing Structure

The very first thing to keep in mind is to package your posts in a reader-friendly format. Be careful while creating the posts and ensure that you give a quick and honest overview of what follows. Dividing your posts into headlines, bullet points numbered lists, and subheadings, etc. make them look logical and appealing. At the same time, it is also important to make them impress the readers. Make sure that your headline and titles sound inspiring and positive, offer practical value, stir up the emotions, and prompt actions. It will help your blog posts to attract more visibility and clicks. 

Here are just 3 examples of how an ideal headline should look

  • How will the latest Google Algorithms impact your industry? (..And why should you care about it?)
  • Follow this for 15 minutes daily to gain 2X traffic in a month
  • Hard on exercise? Stop and read this before your next session

In the above examples, you can notice that each title talks about something specific and how will it affect you or your business. This personalization not only creates a quick connection but creates a quick curiosity in the readers.  

Use long-form posts wisely

Long-form posts were better than short-form as it conveys a message to Google or other search engines that you have invested a good amount of research and devoted sufficient time. It shows your dedication towards proving valuable information for your audiences. However, long-form posts are not all about volume. You also need to ensure that the volume should not dilute the value of your posts otherwise it can be regarded as thin text and can adversely impact your rankings. It is also advisable to go for the topics that are naturally lengthy and offer you more chances to add contextual keywords. Tutorials and guides can be great examples of such posts. Readers love the tutorials and guides that carry more details and touch maximum aspects of a topic. Such topics are also used frequently as a reference by other writers which helps you in getting quality backlinks and more social shares. 

Schedule Your Posts 

Scheduling plays a vital role in forming habits and converting random visitors into loyal readers of your blog. So, start by creating a smart schedule for your blog posts and make sure that you religiously follow that scheduling. Right scheduling is not only about setting a frequency. You can utilize this opportunity to create a relevant editorial calendar to deliver even/occasion-specific posts to your readers. It needs pre-planning strategies. For instance, if you are running a technology blog and there is an upcoming tech event and birthday of a famous digital platform (say Google or Facebook) in the following week- then it would be great to write contextual posts on each of the topics to attract maximum traffic.

Readers don’t love to dwell longer on text-only posts. It strains the eyes and most importantly it prevents you from impressing the readers with the right first glance impact. SO, one f the best ways to make your posts more engaging is to add more visuals and videos into them so that your content delivers an appealing visual value to the readers. That is why most of the top bloggers make it a point to add videos, graphics, and other appealing visuals to their posts. Thanks to the easily available tools, you can also create videos, and graphics that are most relevant to your posts and add them in the right sections. 

  • Use keyword specific and/or relevant ALT tags for every image
  • Add high-quality relevant outbound links
  • Properly research the keywords before writing a post


Every blogger wants to build solid traffic and turn random visitors into committed community members. However, not every blogger can achieve this. There are some ethical and practical ways to increase your blog traffic and also attract committed readers. In this post, we mentioned some of the best ways to optimize your blog posts to increase visibility and create a loyal community of regular readers.

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