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six types of different Sports Flooring

With the advent of technologies and ideas, there is a presence of so many different types of sports floorings have been available. As a result, school sports halls, colleges, universities, and leisure centres can get themselves a surface for any use. However, there is no limitation on what can be achieved with these various types of sports floorings.

There are unique sports like football and hockey surfaces, general surfaces for indoor courts, halls, and functional fitness areas. In the following study, we’ll look at some of the different types of sports floorings.

The Sports surface needed for various sports

If there is a need of resurfacing a sports hall or leisure centre, there is a lack of possibilities that really can’t go wrong with a polyurethane floor. There is no necessity to remove the existing flooring in many cases, and the surface will easily last for over a decade.

However, for certain specific sports, it’s essential to provide a standardised surface. For example, in the case of playing football, there is a 3G pitch. On the other hand, there is a need for a hard court for playing a game of basketball. Suppose the flooring can’t be decided and the users are unsure which. In that case, sports flooring is suitable for which sport. It is advisable to consult a professional in choosing the proper flooring. The following points are regarding different types of sports floorings needed for different kinds of sports.

Different Types of Sports Flooring You May Know about

3G pitches

The types of pitches that are known as 3G and 4G pitches are used for football. The artificial grass is usually made from polyethene (PE). However, it has become compelling in recent years as a successful option similar to playing on natural grass. These pitches are available in a thickness range of 8mm to 20mm, depending on the preference of the user and the need of the sporting activity.

Hockey pitches

However, hockey pitches are not very different from the grass used in football, regarding the grass is artificial. The outdoor hockey pitches use artificial grass, just like the point explained above. The difference between them is that hockey pitches have a shorter and denser surface to allow the ball to skip across it. However, these grasses can be 2G or 3G in nature and are considered multi-use in different game areas.

Tennis courts

Tennis, however, is such a sport that has quite a variety in sports flooring. Tennis courts can be made from artificial grass, polyurethane, or concrete. The traditional surfaces are clay, concrete and grass. The correct surface depends on where the court is. An indoor court should have a tricky playing surface, while the outdoor can be grass, clay, synthetic or concrete. The variety of floorings affect the gameplay as well. Various tournaments are officially conducted, and exhibition pitches have floorings as a vital element that differentiates the events from each other.

Vinyl floors

The Vinyl floors used indoors to create multi-use game areas have been proven to be effective. The hard surface provides the support underfoot, which has successfully made it suitable for basketball and netball courts. However, various types of schools and leisure centres can use vinyl sports flooring to cover large areas. This flooring not only give a better grip a more excellent gaming experience, but these floorings also slightly fall on the expensive side of things.

Polyurethane floors

Polyurethane floors are used as alternative sports flooring, perhaps the most versatile of all indoor sports surfaces. This, along with maximum slip resistance and outstanding wear resistance. These surfaces last a lifetime and provide optimal ball bounce for ball games. This material has been deemed one of the most used and trusted materials to be used by people.

Rubber flooring

The Rubber flooring, whether in the form of interlocking tiles or rubber matting, is used to surface free weight and functional fitness areas. Rubber flooring should be used to protect a substrate like concrete from heavy shock. These are popular flooring sources that people have been famous for in gyms and other interior spaces requiring a sporting event.

The above list that has been prepared consists of the different options that people can opt for regarding the choice of flooring suite for the specific needs.

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