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Diamond Drilling Technique: Top Facts And Myths That One Should Know About

Myths prevail in almost every industry. And the drilling industry is not an exception to this. If you are involved in diamond drilling or any other industry, you can relate to this well. There are always some confusion and false assumptions specifically concerning this sector which one should have a clear idea about.

If you do not have an idea about these, don’t be concerned, as we will focus on these facts and myths in the below-mentioned sections. So, without further delay, let’s begin with our detailed discussion.

Facts And Myths About Diamond Drilling Technique

For a long time now, many people have started utilizing diamonds in the drill bits and saws. It has led to significant growth in the diamond sawing and drilling industry. Both of these practices are considered a boon to the industry and have contributed to significantly enhancing the productivity and ease of the work.

Although this practice has gained a lot of recognition due to its proficiency, as already mentioned, there are always certain misconceptions floating around about the job. To understand this well, we will first focus on talking about the process of diamond sawing and drilling. Read on to know about the process and the most common facts and myths about this particular technique.

Understanding Diamond Sawing And Drilling

It is crucial to have a clear understanding of the process of diamond sawing and drilling to bust the myths concerning concrete cutting. In this case, the overall technique is carried out with the help of instruments known to be drill bits.

These drill bits are adorned with fine diamonds, which play a significant role in carrying out the job smoothly. Diamond is considered to be the hardest known material on this planet. These diamond-clad instruments are mainly utilized for cutting through tough substances such as concrete.

The best part about these tools is that they aid in making precise cuts. One of the most important things to note in this aspect is that diamond drilling can be utilized for resting a specific-sized hole through the slabs. Not only that, but one can also use this for exploratory purposes such as core drilling. On the other hand, diamond sawing is very effective for cutting through concrete structures of different masses.

Myth Number 1: It Is Extremely Easy To Carry Out This Technique

Many people think that there is nothing so complicated about this technique. Anyone without any training or experience can perform this technique successfully. It is effortless to carry this out and does not require much physical labor.

Fact: The reality is different from this misconception. A drilling contractor needs to carry out this technique with rods that weigh around 52 lbs. So, how could that be so easy? Most of the equipment, in this case, is made with steel and so, these carry a lot of weight.

Again, the weight of the core is also much. While carrying out this work, the contractor needs to carry out all heavy things such as grease buckets and additives. It is not at all easy to deal with such heavyweights. So, the technique of diamond drilling is challenging to carry out, and one should have the necessary skills and expertise to carry out the job effectively.

Myth Number 2: Concrete Cutting Is Messy

There is a total misconception, particularly in the case of drilling through concrete. Many people believe that concrete cutting is messy.

Fact: But the reality is different from this. The process of concrete cutting contributes to producing little debris. So, you will find that only a minimal amount of dust mess is created on the construction site.

One of the key advantages of this overall drilling procedure through the concrete process is to have a minimal amount of rummage left after the procedure. Again, you can quickly minimize some dust created by using different tips such as water.  

Myth Number 3: No Specialised Training Is Needed To Carry Out This Job

Some people have a misconception that it is the same as operating a mechanical drilling machine. And so, no specialized training is required to carry out this operation.

Fact: This technique needs a lot of specialized training about the equipment and its proper handling. It will ensure that you utilize it effectively, whenever you need it. Nowadays, the diamond drill bit has become a standard part of most people’s toolbox.

So, it is essential to mention that anyone lacking the necessary training, skills, and expertise should refrain from using this for the operation. Proper training is required to ensure the successful operation and longevity of the tool. Apart from the mechanism, the operators should also gain a much better understanding of the precautions and safety measures that should be taken to prevent any damage risk.

Myth Number 4: Diamond Drilling Is A Safe Job

Many people think that it is a safe job. And one can carry out this operation without risking their safety.

Fact: Now, let’s find the reality. There are specific incidents where a person is reported to even lose any of their body parts because of the moving parts of the machinery or pieces of equipment. So, while carrying out the job, the contractor must avoid such accidents. One should always be alert of the potential dangers present around one.

Myth Number 5: One Blade Suits All

Some people also believe that one blade is suitable for different jobs.

Fact: But, this statement is very far from the truth. Although the diamond blades are versatile and can saw through a diverse range of materials, it would be wrong to think that a single blade is suitable for various purposes. A singular blade lacks all the specifications to cut through multiple materials successfully.

The manufacturing of every blade is done so that it tends to serve a particular purpose. Also, these are available with different chip sizes for crystals, a number of diamonds, and mesh sizes. So, one should focus on selecting the proper diamond saw blade based on the grade, style, and cutting requirements of the job.

Wrapping Up

After reading this guide, we hope you have got an excellent idea about the different myths and facts concerning this technique. If you have related requirements, it is always better to talk with a professional diamond drilling London company such as CA Drillers. Contact them today to get more information about their services.

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