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10 Facts You Should Know About Managed Services

Managed Service Providers might not precisely be the thing of legends. Still, there are lots of misconceptions about managed services. This can distort enterprises’ perspective of the true value of a managed service provider. Consider the facts whether partnering with a third-party IT company is the best alternative for you.

Interesting Facts About Managed Service Providers

Managed Services Can Save Loads of Time

A majority of small enterprises cannot afford to have a full-time IT professional. Meaning regular staff should often handle IT-related problems. It might take hours or even days to resolve serious computer issues as the regular employee is likely not a competent IT technician. Furthermore, the employee can make an error leading to a delay, security breach, or other serious problems.

An MSP Has a Good Understanding of Your Business

It is undeniable that not every MSP will understand your business. But, not all MSPs are created equal. The best MSP checks your current workflows and systems. They will engage with your staff, as well, to know about their requirements.

The Security of a Business Can Be Enhanced with MS

Contrary to popular belief, several small businesses have found that they are key targets for cybercriminals. Small businesses often succumb to hackers trying to steal personal customer and business information or to keep documents hostage in exchange for a price. This is mainly because they generally do not have good security. Fortunately, small businesses can secure top-notch protection by partnering with a third-party IT service provider at a very reasonable rate.

One Can Get the Best Expert Advice

Most small companies, as well as the big ones, lack the time or money to keep updated with all that advancements. Here comes the part of a Managed Service Provider. Keeping up with the rapidly evolving tech world is their line of work. Businesses should regularly upgrade their software and hardware to avert being obsolete themselves.

A Business Can Lower Its Total Infrastructure Expenses with Managed Services

By year 3, IT resources like servers’ current performance gradually declined, hitting 59 percent of capacity in year 7. The expenses of maintaining and supporting a server increased by about 148% by the 5th year. You might be susceptible to a hack if your IT infrastructure, which comprises on-site servers, is obsolete.

Your IT infrastructure is housed in top-notch data centers at a lower price when you choose managed hosting services or managed infrastructure services. You are not liable for any maintenance.

Nearly 95 Percent of Small and Medium Enterprises Have Implemented Cloud Technologies

Most businesses have embraced cloud hosting’s advantages in some way. Services like Amazon, Office 365, or cloud backup may belong to this umbrella. By outsourcing information technology, a company enhances its flexibility and scalability when lowering expenses and potential risks.

Enterprises Want to Raise Their Investment In Technology

If your business is among these, take some time to know about Managed Services benefits. It can be the optimal option for your enterprise due to its infinite customization options.

Your Network Can Be Checked 24/7, one Day A Week, For 99.99% Uptime Assurance

For security and efficiency, visibility throughout your IT network is important. As you opt for managed services, your network will be checked for any unforeseen traffic or interruptions 24 hours, 365 days a. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that an MSP can spot problems and cope with them before they become threats.

Businesses Report That 46% Of The Time, Outsourcing Their IT Allows Them to Gain Access to Specific Skills Which Aren’t Available Internally

Managed Services give access to experts in PCI DSS, recovery plans, cyber-security, etc., for a much lesser cost. You can gain from the best know-how of experts qualified with DELL, AWS, and more.

Managed Services Are Not Just Restricted to Security Backups

There is no doubt that backup and disaster restoration might be there in the services offered by MSPs. But a good MSP can give much more than that. It may cover subjects like cyber security, infrastructure management, management of patches and updates, and vendor management.

Final Verdict

An MSP works alongside current staff and doesn’t replace them. Instead, they free up these valuable resources to lead and implement the strategic IT projects needed to achieve business goals.

Stay on top of IT business necessities and minimize uncertainty by considering using various managed service options as you begin investing in novel technologies.

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