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Why Should You Hire House Removals

House removal is a tiresome process for people having more than two-bedroom. When you don’t have to do much luggage then it is easy to simply hire a van and do the packing yourself. However, organizing things when you have a diverse variety of goods is not an easy task.

  • They will take care of fragile things such as brittle objects, pottery and musical instruments.
  • They will pack the goods by keeping every category of goods separate. This may help you in organizing things in your new house.
  • They will manage the transport of heavy things such as piano or furniture which might not be easy for you.
  • They will do the task in a minimum amount of time because they are trained to handle house removal. They have excellent time management skills.

Reasons behind Hire House Removals


They will ease your worry and stress of shifting into a temporary house when your new house is under construction. They have storage spots and warehouses to temporarily store your precious and heavy goods. They will protect your goods and keep them clean. What else do you need?


They will pack your goods in separate types of cartons based upon their weight, size, and tensile strength. They use different kinds of  Packaging. The materials used  for packaging are:

  • Foam
  • Cartons
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Tapes
  • Ropes
  • Pads
  • Clipping pins

Furniture and Electronics

Furniture is packed by using furniture pads and foam so that furniture is not damaged by jolts during transportation. Electronics are packed inside cardboard boxes with protecting materials and foam.

Antiques and precious items

Antiques, glass, and precious products are packed separately and with extreme care and monitoring. They are packed inside soft material to prevent any scratches on their surface.


Paintings are packed in such a way that they don’t form folds and creases during transport.


London movers assess the house before removal. This is essential because they estimate the quantity and type of your products before house removal so that they can make accurate arrangements. It is also necessary for price estimation of transport cost and packaging cost.

Online service

They provide online services for consultation. They are available 24 hours and 7 days a week. So they also deal with emergency house removal as well. They have excellent time management skills which can help in timely transfer. Price increase if any type of delay occurs so they ensure that there is no delay in product transfer.


Before hiring any mover make sure that they have insurance. Otherwise, if any damage occurs to the precious products you have to bear the burden. It may cause huge losses of your money. Sometimes damage occurs to the property during house removal therefore insurance is necessary.

Special Services

Some movers also provide special services for increasing customer satisfaction by tailoring the services according to the needs of the customer. Special services include storage.


Prepare your house prior to movement. This can save your time and the time of the company you hired. We understand the popular phrase, “Time is money”. So use your wealth properly. Preparing the house may include segregating items, providing accurate information to the company, and estimating the narrow places in your house, factory, or office that can hinder the process of lifting the items.


Transportation costs may vary according to the quantity and quality of products. It is obvious that a big bed will require a different type of vehicle than a box containing books. Transportation costs are increasing day by day due to the increase in the rate of petroleum products like petrol and diesel. O transportation cost will also include additional charges if the type of your products is very different from usual products. Distance between the old and new place also trigger the rate of transportation

Video survey

Moving companies in London also provide the service of video survey to assess the products in your house, office or factory. This will increase the efficiency of the service and decrease the time to manage the whole process.


Moving companies have many storage and warehouses where they t5temporarily take care of your products and keep them safe and clean. It is a very good facility because it can save you to temporarily shift in any other house when your new house is under construction or it is being painted.

Trained professionals for customized services

Trained professionals have the knowledge to lift heavy products in a safe way. Heavy products including pianos, sofas, dining tables, and beds. They know exactly how to pack and clean the products. They try to understand the needs of the customers by understanding their psychology and demands. Skilled professionals know exactly how to dislocate heavy and precious items. They do the work in a minimum amount of time without compromising on quality.

Removal cost

Removal costs vary directly with the quantity of your product. Additional charges will be applied to any extra service demanded. Moreover, packaging and assembly costs vary according to the delicacy of the products. Removal costs also depend on the distance between your new house and old house. Office and commercial removal have different prices because the need of businesses is different. Additional charges also include rearrangement of products costs. Taxes are also added to the previous cost.

 Accreditations, awards, and memberships

When you are analyzing the portfolio of a moving company keep in mind that whether they are accredited by the British Association of removers or not. You can read their membership and awards section and compare their services and cost with other competitors.

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