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Check This Before You Start Practicing Akarna Dhanurasana

Akarna Dhanurasana is a word taken from the Sanskrit language that means the Archer Pose. Karna means Ear, Dhanur means Now and the A before Karna means near.

While the practitioner starts practicing this pose, you will find them resembles the Arrow and Bow posture. It will show that the arrow is about the shoot out of the bow and hence the name Akarna Dhanurasana is provided to this posture.

There is no denying that the posture is extremely hard and needs one to be flexible enough to be able to practice this with ease. Pulling the foot to your ear requires flexibility and when you have it, you can attain the Archer Pose.

If you are new to yoga you might not be able to perform the posture as it needs enough flexibility. Therefore all you need is to give some time and keep practicing the less tough ones. The more you start flexing your body, the more it becomes achievable for you.

Therefore let us take a look at the akarna dhanurasana steps.

Steps To Perform Akarna Dhanurasana:

  • You need to sit relaxed on the ground where you find a plain surface
  • Make sure that you keep your nack, shoulders and head straight
  • Rest your palm of the thighs and then deeply inhale
  • Take the right hand down towards the big toe of your foot
  • Make sure you maintain a straight right leg
  • Hold your toe and then pull your right foot forward to your face
  • Slide down the left hand in a way to reach the toe of the left foot
  • Your left foot should remain firm
  • Making use of the right hand, move the right foot in a way that it comes in front of the face near your right ear
  • Now start breathing properly when you are lifting the left foot using your alright hand
  • Maintain erection in the beck and trunk while you are performing the posture
  • Maintain the position for 20 seconds
  • Then exhale and slowly come back to the normal position
  • Repeat the posture twice with each leg and ensure normal breathing

If you are a beginner, you can try the Akarna dhanurasana but make sure to perform under an expert’s guidance. This is an intermediate-level asana that needs enough flexibility and mastering requires time. Therefore make sure you are performing within expert vigilance to reduce the risk of strain.

How To Maintain The Breathing Activity?

In order to improve blood circulation in your knee joints and the hip area, nothing but Akarna dhanurasana can be the right choice for you. When you are performing the asana you will have to inhale and then raise the foot until you bring them close to your ears. You have to be straight while pulling your foot in front of the ear. Make sure you are maintaining a normal breathing activity. Exhaling while returning to the original posture is strongly recommended.

What Are The akarna dhanurasana benefits?

There is no doubt that akarna dhanurasana has tons of benefits. Performing this posture of a soft yoga mat can help you to maintain the posture without feeling hurt. So let us have a look at the major akarna dhanurasana benefits.

  • It improves the blood circulation in the body
  • It can become effective in treating digestive disorders and treat constipation
  • It helps to heal any kind of pain in the large intestines
  • It can become helpful for women to maintain their menstrual cycle
  • It improves the breathing capacity of humans

What Precautions Should You Take?

If you are someone who is suffering from major injuries in your spinal, you should not try the akarna dhanurasana pose. Pregnant women must take proper guidance and have a word with the doctor before they practice. Besides, if you have unbearable pain, you should avoid trying the posture.

Bottom Line: So these are some of the major information that you must have before you start trying the posture of akarna dhanurasana. No wonder that the akarna dhanurasana benefits are pretty much huge but it requires guidance to perform properly.

However since this is a posture that requires flexibility, to ease the posture, you can buy the best quality yoga mats.

Practice Yoga for a healthy & happy life!

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